Saturday, August 23, 2008

Your Name is TOBY!!!!

Living with this Kunta Kente band on my foot is no fun. Even if my wife doesn't want to press charges the state will still seek to prosecute. The only way I have a fighting chance is if she doesn't show but I think she has every intention of doing so, but we will see. I get a two hour pass at 12 noon to go shopping. I should have told the case worker that I go to service on Sunday so that I could go to some kind of study session if a Masjid had one somewhere. While I am out I will go check. Then I will update my schedule. My lawyer hasn't called me back at all and I am due in court on Monday. I don't know if he is going to represent me for the TRO as it is a separate issue so I can only hope that she doesn't show up for that either, but again we will see. The thing about life is that it goes on whether you are happy or not. Don't comment on my rusty dusty feet I know they are that way. The band gets in the way of Salaat sometimes but since I don't go many places anyway it is not that big of a bother.

If you are unfamiliar with the title of this post it comes from the movie Roots when they are trying to break Kunta Kente and whipping him savagely because he will not accept the slave master imposed name of Toby. After much beating he finally succumbed, but it was only after they cut off his foot that he stopped running for his freedom and he finally died. He was a Muslim. My trials aren't anywhere near that hard and I thank Allah for that, Alhamdulillah. My kids are in the same state and if this case isn't dropped I hope to see them sometime in December. I have my family and my spirits, and I have people who love me, so I am good.
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  1. and people wonder why there are stereotypes.....

  2. No this issue was a bigger picture. People have stereotypes because the look at a tiny slice of the picture and justify their prejudices. Usually knee-jerk responses to a single incident and not very intelligently formulated. As in this case, an innocent man with trumped up charges being brandished as a stark raving lunatic. In this particular case all charges were dropped and the case was dismissed as it should have been because it was a power move that was conveniently placed.

  3. Don't you people realize that you don't hit women? Is that why you keep them covered up?

  4. You People? First of all I would like to ask, if you became Muslim tomorrow would that automatically make you run out and hit your wife? Does that even vaguely make sense? People who hit their wives come from all kinds of social economic back grounds and all kinds of religious belief systems. This man has not hit his wife, girlfriend or any other female in my life so I can't speak for the other ? Billion Men on this planet, but I can speak for myself and the answer is and always will be no I do not hit women. A woman wasn't hit to get this thing on my foot at the time and so that you can be apprised for yourself in the future a woman doesn't have to be hit to call the cops and have you locked up for an extensive amount of time on her word that some crap went down. I am not invalidating the cases that are real, but standing out against the injustice of the cases that are 100% false like this one you are seeing before you.

    About the head scarf the order to wear it is in the Bible and the Quran to set women of faith apart from the common woman as a sign of dignity and a commanding of respect. Jesus' Mom wears one and so did thousands of Nuns throughout the world, why all of a sudden that it is strange to see Muslim women wearing head coverings is beyond me. So you can either READ the text and come with some intelligent argument or remain silent.

    Thank you.