Sunday, October 29, 2006


I just typed this long post and my Treo reset itself now I will have to try and remember what I typed which is always lame and watered down.
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Saturday, October 28, 2006

So that's how they do it :)

I was reflecting on the movie Lord of War where in the end when the Interpol agent nabs him and tells him that he’s going to jail and he looks smugly at him and tells him that there is no way that he is going to jail even with the mound of deafening evidence against him and I thought, wow that is so true. So then I did a search for the Black man that was responsible of distributing billions of tons of cocaine into the ghettos of America and came across this story. I’m still looking for that one guy and when I find him I’ll post his story. But read this and then you will know how the story will play out in Iraq, Afghanistan etc, It is sad but true. Check it out.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

That's messed up

Ok so wifee and I are I Ikea right. I take my daughter in to change her diaper and this guy comes in and he has the bg's. So he's on the toilet laid out. I take my daughter out to mommy and return for wudu. The poor guy is going full force by now, I mean hey buddy can I get a courtesy flush or something. So anyways he was a yard man and he left his $1000+ lawn blower in the middle of the floor (i was gonna get a pic but wifee had my phone). So I'm like it would really be messed up to be like Hey Hector thanks for the blower and start walking off with it. His pants were around his ankles his butt is in overdrive what could the poor guy do? Nothing it was a perfect plan. I didn't of course but how funny would it have been? Unless of course you are Hector.

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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

What is going on?

I am supposed to be blogging but I’m watching Kathy Griffin the comedian. She’s funny. She made a statement about the clitorectemy and how she doesn’t like the whole Islam thing. I suppose if you can get sucked into the Hollywood anti-Islam machine then that would make sense. I remember I went to a class with this Jewish Feminist from hell, and I believe that her husband had two wives or her people did or something, anyway she talked about the issue and gave out pamphlets and what-not. I got a good grade in her class despite the never ending browbeating of how women are oppressed worldwide. I suppose she was trying to make all of us men feel ashamed of being men, however it was kind of extensive and therefore boring leading to apathy. We did read a book there “Lakota Woman” which I found extremely interesting about the plight of Indian woman and reservation life. There are a lot of negative images out there about Islam and the cultures of its people. We have to change that or at least make sure it gets reported accurately.


OK So what has been going on?

Hell even I don’t know. I know that I am so tired that I’m falling asleep at the keyboard. Falling asleep on watch, but not falling asleep on my bike, if I had to drive a  car though I would probably be dead meat.


I’m so sleepy. I’m falling asleep writing this. Sorry folks I do have something interesting to say, but I’m just too tired to say it.

Friday, October 20, 2006

The snuck out pics

Well they are not really snuck out, but I will try to annotate as well I can.

1. The driveway
2. Another driveway view
3. All the way in the front. There is a small field in the front then a row of trees and then our front yard.
4. Another driveway
5. Backyard
6. Path to backyard. Well the field in the backyard.
That's all my phone will let me send.
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Thursday, October 19, 2006

This little piggy

My wife took this picture. They were playing like little pigs running
around. I thought it was cute.
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love this thing.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Eid Stamps are in!!!

Well technically I'm late but be sure to run out and get yours.
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The earth as vast as it was constrained for them

Have you ever noticed that the Quran is always talking to you? If you have read it at least once in earnest you will always find the darndest verses admonishing you. I messed up and fibbed about it. So then the verse that says “and tell the truth even if it be against yourselves” stands out. So I’m like I’m sorry Allah, but I’m anxious of the outcome if I can’t cover up my little transgression. So then the verse that states “It would be that they fear men, just as or more than they should have feared Allah” stands out. It was amplified by the fact that I signed for my bike which I took a loan on which is Riba, I will pay it off in a short amount of time but it is still Riba. So I compared the two events; how can you ask for forgiveness and your enemies overlooking your faults and are afraid of the outcome, but you had no fear when it came to signing for Riba. I was devastated. I was so troubled in my soul that I corrected my fib. I’m still anxious about hearing about my mistake but at least I won’t have to hear about it from Allah Insha Allah, and hopefully he will shield my mistake from the eyes of those that will be looking for it. I pray O Allah please don’t let them see my mistake. Ameen.


Believers listen to the Words of Allah when they come to you because if you don’t then what could come next could be worse. Insha Allah we will all do things right the first time and forgive and over look the faults of others. I can understand the beauty and simplicity of the Prophet overlooking the faults of many and forgiving others for their misdeeds. It comes back to you. I pray that I am of those who overlook faults of people and forgive them their misdeeds towards me. Some things you just have to practice before you can truly see it in action.


This has taught me a valuable lesson. That it is not ok to be complacent about laxness in your deen and comment on it and not do anything about it, because you will find yourself slipping deeper and deeper into the red. I have commented here about not being on the top of my Deen and that it is down, but I have not addressed the problem. You can’t take a break from Deen. Because we live our Deen it is with us everyday. We practice it and you can’t stop practicing it, just like you can’t just stop living. You can’t quit the Deen and you can’t just quit life. You have to keep going. You must strive for excellence in all you do and say, daily, consistently.


May Allah save us all. Ameen.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

I bought a bike!!!

Ok it is a small constellation prize but it will do for now. Mine is like this but it is UPS brown. The saleslady Stephanie literally called it the UPS bike. It rides well and I would have rode it home today but it needed a new front tire and it had an oil leak. I essentially bought it for blue book value which is about $2000. That price is less than what the minimum amount for financing is which is $2500 so I bought a jacket and a helmet and gloves to make up the $500 difference. I expect to pay it off in January with my portion of the tax refund. It isn't that fun if you have to make payments on it. The bike in the picture is from this guy in Arizona and his bike has over 100K miles on it and he's selling it for $3000, mine has only 68K miles and I expect to put about another 40K or so on it over the next 3 years. I just hope that my carpel tunnel doesn't flare up again because it will save me even at 40 mpg about $60 - $70 a month for my daily commute.

Thanks for the guys who have come out of blurk land. It is really nice to know who I'm talking to.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Trifling Muslim Men

Yeah I know I’m a Muslim Man, but I have to say something about the abuse and pettiness and ignorance of our situation. Alhamdulillah Sisters are pouring into Islam, but AstaghfirAllah they are running out of it as well due to the trifling petty nature of male/ female relationships of Muslims in the Deen. Now if you are a female know this the Deen IS perfect the MEN are by and large NOT. This is some of the sheer ignorance that you need to be appraised of in any relationship. What pisses me off is that some Muslim Men use this under the guise of this Deen to sanction these actions. Women know this the only thing that you are responsible for in Male / Female relationships are that you are only responsible for yourself. He is responsible for everything else.


Trifling stuff I’ve heard of:


  1. Wife beating under the misuse of the beat them lightly verse.
    1. There is no such order or permission to be beaten down to the point of bruising or hospitalization or even death. If a man has touched you in any of the above manners (except death because then it is his problem) then you need to consider leaving or taking a Jui-Jitsu class to defend yourself and your children.
  2. Not providing sustenance.
    1. The man has to provide sustenance on a level “that you are willing to accept”. There is no point of living in squalor if you have not suffered a significant family casualty, or there is some imposed economic strife placed upon you.
  3. Forced Polygamy.
    1. You are not forced into polygamy. If you are not down with it you have recourse to leave and receive child support if any are involved. It is NOT the Sunnah of Islam, it is an allowance. In the West it is an allowance that should be agreed upon. Shaytan will have a man believing that he is the only good husband in the world and thus must swoop down and “save” all of the helpless Muslimahs of the world, but this is not the case. You have the option to Leave, leave, leave.
    2. Section 8 is not a justification for a man to have multiple wives running around just because their housing is only costing him $50 per family.
    3. In a small community or tight knit larger communities it is essential that the children of polygamy know each other to prevent incest.
  4. Child abuse.
    1. There is no excuse for this. Call the cops and get a new man, because it will not get better in 99.9% of the cases. Child abuse is formed through psychological conditioning that has taken place over years and years and will not go away on a whim. The Prophet said that those of you who were good before Islam will maintain that status and those who weren’t will struggle with that (that is a GROSS paraphrasing, but it is in there)
  5. Lola Marriages.
    1. Do NOT marry your Teen/Pre-Teen daughters to Full grown men. What the hell is that? It is a STUPID idea Nuff Said.
  6. Cheating on wives.
    1. Fornication is punishable in Islam. If your man has fornicated, committed Zina then I suggest you view him as if he was caught by an Islamic court of law and proven guilty. Then psychologically you can write him off as dead, because that is exactly what should happen, especially in the case where children are born.
  7. Restricting access to education
    1. Restricting access to education whether Islamic or Secular is tantamount to oppression. It is a commandment from Allah and the Prophet to seek knowledge. I.E the first revealed verse Read! (People will debate the context but it still aspires to forward intellectual, spiritual progress and when you don’t Read it becomes evident that you are falling behind.)
  8. Giving her the DAWAH
    1. The fastest way to bring girls into Islam unfortunately is sex (more unfortunately not even good sex sometimes). Sex under any circumstance is nothing to base a relationship on, religion notwithstanding. It last for a few moments but often affects an entire lifetime. He who emigrates for Allah finds Allah, He who emigrates for a thing finds a thing. Things (Women, green cards, wealth) FADE Allah does not. If you are going to become Muslim and are being Given the Dawah, leave that brother immediately and go and study on your own. Come to your own conclusion and if he hasn’t quickly replaced you (Like give it 2 years or something not 30 minutes) Then you can restart a relationship, through a Wali (with Sense).
  9. Green Card Escape
    1. Marrying for a green card is the oldest most trifling trick in the book. If your man is marrying you for a green card, by all means get paid up front. Jack up your dowry and get a prenuptial so that in the event he leaves you high and dry after he becomes a “Citizen” you can press your buttons and rake in your cash.


There are many other examples of sheer, gross and undeniable ignorance and abuse of everything condoned by Allah. I’m sure my blurkers and regulars can add to this list, but this kind of stuff pisses me off. My next post will be the marriage contract for my daughters, because I can guarantee you if a brother is going to be Trifling with my girls then he’s going to pay through the nose (that phrase has a gory history, gotta love those Vikings).


Girls the brothers who do these sorts of things aren’t men they are boys playing around with their daddy’s toys, and usually someone winds up hurt.  It is high time that someone put a stop to this nonsense.


I’m going to build a halfway house that’s what I’m gonna do so sisters can run and have a place to frigging stay. I can’t stand when people twist the Deen. Aoothubillah.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

When she's Hot she HOT!!!!!!!

I knew there was a secret to you women. This article sites a scientific find that women dress up when they are most ripe to get preggo, Hmm I wonder what my wife was wearing that day? It worked she's preggo now and showing already :) she's so cute. She's teeping now with the other two girls.

Deen crashing

Ah yes here is something that I had wanted to blog about, and I don't have much time so I will have to come back to this venue in a while.

Women are by far the fastest accepters of Islam and again Women are the fastest leavers of Islam. Why? Frankly it's the men. Women come into the religion and then get involved in abusive relationships and when they leave them they want to emancipate themselves from everything that has to do with it including the Deen.

We have this family friend who was in an abusive relationship for years. She finally stepped out of it and took off the hijab and everything, got a few boyfriends and now she's going to church. Well it plays out that the process is a slow gradual process. It starts with the removal of the hijab or for men not praying and reading Quran. Then moves on to the persons acquaintances and from there kuffar creeps in slowly and slowly until wham they are a kuffar and a true one, because there is that period of a couple of months that one fully remembers and knows the truth but to mask personal pain they choose to set it aside. Then they become completely absorbed into the lie as Allah turns away from them as they have from Him.

More on this later. Just think in your mind of someone you know that this has happened to. I am going somewhere with this.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Okay okay

The visit went well. The baby is fine and every thing. We are right on
track. Then came the PAP smear and I'm not entirely sure what a pap is let
alone why you would smear one. That was painful and caused spotting. :(

My wife got her gat so if you must visit call first, then call again and by
all means use the secret horn blow for that day. Cause I don't know who I'm
gonna leave all 7 of these kids with when I go to work. Lol.

Blogging with my Treo... Man I
love this thing

Monday, October 02, 2006

Soggy cat pics

Oh how he hates it. The whining, the clawing, the insanity, oh he hates it,
but again who cares. He was infested and had to be washed, so there.
Alhamdulillah none of us have been bitten so we won the preemptive strike.
The flea insurgents have been vanquished lol.

So last night my Queen and I were stealing a moment in the kitchen when the
LFB comes in holding the case and innards
of a box of dental floss. We look at each other as her partner in crime is
missing. Mina comes strolling in holding the spool and says as a matter of
factly I untied it. My wife repeats grimly "You untied it?". Mina repeats
"Yup I untied it. I tied up the floor, the floor is all tied up.". My wife
sinks her head into her hands and sighs. Mina confirms her fears "Yup it's
a mess.". The laughter was uncontrollable. She cleaned it up, but the way
she says things is so funny. She's hillarious.

We are on our way to the doctors we're late and speeding, my fault because
I didn't do my normal time monitoring thing, but I'm not irritated so
that's a good thing. Let you know how it turns out.

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