Monday, October 02, 2006

Soggy cat pics

Oh how he hates it. The whining, the clawing, the insanity, oh he hates it,
but again who cares. He was infested and had to be washed, so there.
Alhamdulillah none of us have been bitten so we won the preemptive strike.
The flea insurgents have been vanquished lol.

So last night my Queen and I were stealing a moment in the kitchen when the
LFB comes in holding the case and innards
of a box of dental floss. We look at each other as her partner in crime is
missing. Mina comes strolling in holding the spool and says as a matter of
factly I untied it. My wife repeats grimly "You untied it?". Mina repeats
"Yup I untied it. I tied up the floor, the floor is all tied up.". My wife
sinks her head into her hands and sighs. Mina confirms her fears "Yup it's
a mess.". The laughter was uncontrollable. She cleaned it up, but the way
she says things is so funny. She's hillarious.

We are on our way to the doctors we're late and speeding, my fault because
I didn't do my normal time monitoring thing, but I'm not irritated so
that's a good thing. Let you know how it turns out.

<h4>Blogging with my Treo... Man I
love this thing.</h4>

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  1. Oh, I can't wait till some rights activist group finds ur soggy cat pics! The poor thing looks SCARED! Ohhhh...I wanna hear what happened at the doctors.

    Ur little daughter is a sweetheart!!