Monday, July 31, 2006

I'm Baaack!!

Man I need a vacation... More to follow.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Wow I've had a lot of visitors

Well guys the short and skinny of it all is I'm on vacation and so the blogs are slow to come. Going to the beach now will be back. I have to blog now that I have internet access and a computer. So stay tuned more to come. Can't blog now I'm on my way out the door.

Peace to Toronto, Qatar and Iran AsSalaamu A'laikum.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

not forgotten

It's not forgotten

it still stands

the test of time

through many lands

from hawaiian isles

to wisconsin dells

our bells are still ringing

so I keep singing

our praises of love

no exit lasts

no whisper past

from here or in the eye

but just like breathing

you are the reason

my heart without you would die

I love you dearest

please don't leave

for you every plan i'll concieve

for without you in my life my heart will not cease to grieve

what ever effort or request I will surely fulfill

to love you forever again is my deepest desire

I love you baye.
Blogging with my Treo... Man I
love this thing.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Poems are like sunsets

Poems are like sunsets they are most beautiful if write them down when they are happening. The following are the remnants of what was a better poem which I recited to my wife whilst she was sleeping. In pure form I think it was more intense. The new treo will have a recording option. The recording on my is hit and miss because of read/write speeds to the memory card. I wish that I could have recorded it, but I was intertwined with my wife at the time :).

The current issues with my wife wanting to give our marriage a grace period because she thinks that the passion has faded are most trying for me. I'm in a state of increased anxiety over this. It hit me going home the other night. There is a verse in Quran that completely outlines this situation.

8:53 This, because God would never change [56] the blessings with which He has graced a people unless they change their inner selves : [57] and [know] that God is all-hearing, all-seeing.

I think that my latest foray into weak faith is hitting home in a serious manner. So I must strengthen my faith and all other things will fall into place. I believe.

My wife has asked me to marry another sister that was on her list of sisters she wouldn't have a problem with when we got married. My fear is that my efforts to show and prove that I am indeed deeply in love with my wife will coincide with this new proposal and become misconstrued as wishful hoping. I think that I should decline until I can consistently prove to her that I am indeed deeply in love with her, but I said yes when she asked me so I don't know how well that will be taken.

I love you

I love you

From the eastern shores to never more

I love you

I love you

From the earth to the tips of the skies

From the brown pools of your eyes so inviting and warm

My love the swarm that fills this land

So that every man can hear the sound

Of my heart beats as it pounds this love for you

Growing billowing and flowing forth

Feeding the seeds from south to north I love you

I love you

So let it be heard

Carried on wings of birds from land to land

I love you

So sound a love that is intertwined

Of the hearts and minds of lovers known

lovers lost

No other love has paid this cost

As my love for you

My love, My true

I love you

From the depths of the sea, and pits of despair

Our love rises, again and again

I love you

I love you so let it be known

from the seed has grown a life giving force

This love has laid

against the tricks that were played

From evil and right

This love takes flight

Unchained, Unrestricted unbroken

There is no token only the whole

Without missing pieces or parts we remain intact

Our love, Our pact

I love you

I love you with strength given by the One

A love overpowering the sun giving hope to all

From the depths of the universe, and all dark of darkness

Does our love come shining through

So that lovers may wish

And children may hope

To see a day and love this way

So pure, so true

This love my wife I dedicate to you

So that you know my fire has not faded

I cannot be persuaded for anything less

My wife, the best

I love you

I love you

and for that flowers bloom

Filling the land with color

Is there another that can bring such a thing?

To make birds sing and fly in the sky?

to make sun shine, there is not

There is no plot that can withdraw me from you

There is no test for you are my breath

My dawn, and sunlight

I love you with all my might

My very essence cries for you

My love, My true

I love you there are no equals in life

to match this love

My pure, My wife

I love you

Monday, July 10, 2006

A well scripted game

The sectarian violence between Sunni's and Shia in Iraq will play out like a well scripted play of which the Muslims are the losers most gravely. When this war started I said to myself that this is going to end ugly and become pitifully predictable. I said that the U.S. would go in bomb the land, rape the land, and disable the region to secure financial interests. The Sunni/ Shia conflict will be allowed to go on as long as it is useful at destabilizing the rest of the region. Terribly predictable and when the sides begin to calm down it will be all too easy for the CIA or other alphabet organization to stir the waters of death and point the finger at the offending party.

Unless we as Muslims begin to embrace the very dark reality that is playing out in the world we will be doomed. A global genocide with America being the King. Once all bastions of Islam fall (further than we have already) the gun will be pointed at this land at last in a vivrant Check Mate. A Check Mate ending in countless body bags of the innocent who were just yesterday the sons and daughters of the indigent, working class and elect for no other reason than claiming that there is only one God and Muhammad is his prophet.

Wake up oh Muslims and lovers of peace a dark cloud is upon you and it's shadow is the blood of both the loved and forgotten.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

And then the Wake Up Call

So there I was feeling all useless wondering what stuff I should buy and then I watch this from Hamza Yusef and everything falls into place. More to follow on my way to the park now.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Capitalism Failed

I can't believe there isn't anything that I really want to buy except a camera and a bike. WTF. I can remember in my youth the list was long and unending and now it has dwindled down to two things. Wow. Whups wake up you're asleep at the wheel ok I'm going to sleep. G'nite folks.

WTF is going on!!!

Now I suppose that my wife is going through some sort of mid-life crisis or something because she up in Wisconsin getting her tongue peirced. She talked to me about it earlier today and I can't even remember what I said right now, but what the hell is going on. Some stuff just irritates you and others you are like WTF. To further my irritation of the evening this lady was supposed to call me about my cat and I'm supposed to go and meet her and everything for the trade off, but apparently she's blown me off a popular trend in the Craigslist community. So now I have to go through the riggamareau of finding someone else to take her. All around turning into a crappy night.

I suppose I shouldn't get attitude though but I have Foot!!!

Think deeper

Stuff you normally don't think about when it comes to sleeping beauty, but
you've got to think that some slobber is going to be dribbling down her
cheek. That compounded with months and months of halitosis that even
Altoids can't touch makes you wonder who is going to be locking lips with
this chick. But then again if it were my wife I would, but the guy in this
story barely knew this chick, but I suppose by the hygenic standards of
ancient europe the guy could be kissing worse. But ask yourself would you?
Blogging with my Treo... Man I love this thing.

Oh no seems to go ...

You don't know what you've got till it's gone ~ Joni Mitchell. So then my wife has been telling me that I'm not as good as I should be. I'm not attentive enough, I don't make her feel special, I don't drop everything and place her on a pedestal. Now I have to be very careful when I explain this ...tip tip tip... because if I sound too blase then all hell is going to break loose. Now as it so happens she was coming on the Red River during the last "Hollowpoint" episode which really ended badly. However we made up from that or so I thought so then we are on the lack of Romance kick. Now I don't know if this is spurned on by the River or is it that I am deficient in this department. Well she says that I'm not deficient because she felt all of the things that I'm deficient in when we first got married. Now from my experience with relationships you have the honeymoon phase where everyone is super attentive and then it trails off into daily normalcy. Now my wife however is demanding no trail-offs. So now I've got to turn the heat on...daily. It seems like work but my wife says that it shouldn't. Now it's not work to be crazy about my wife, which I am deeply. I love her like I have loved no other human being, it's the whole being happy part that I'm having issue with.

Now you see my happiness now that I'm forced to analyze it is very superficial. I'm not living my life I'm just letting it happen. I'm not directing my destiny I'm just kind of following course going where the wind blows happy go lucky down the lane. Now the stark reality is if you live your life like that then you are not going to be truly happy you will be superficially happy. Now superficially happy people can put up great fronts which I of course am good at. You know the whole life of the party yadda yadda lively animated person, but the hardcore mundane day-to-day part of dealing with the sheer boringness of life they are completely different people. So what I think that my wife is feeling is that reality. The reality of existence. Now many people that are stuck in the rut of existence will rarely ever move unless the are of course forced. So this is where I am now either I move or risk losing the most important facet of my life. My marriage. It is a live or die situation kind of the same situation that Queen Latifah had in The Last Holiday. So now I've got to move, I've got to do the things with my life that I've always wanted to do or lose my wife and my life because without her I would truly die, or at least I know I'd never love again.

You can't lose what you aint got , but you can miss what you have oh so badly.

While blogging my cat Rocky decided to take a power nap he is good for that.

But I digress.

So such is life getting it together finally after 37 years to live life with purpose and drive instead of existing and hoping it will all end. Undoubtedly my wife will leave me a. because she's just a bird she'll only fly away and b. life is just too short. So these are my moments of reflection get on it or lose. Scary proposition but better than existing.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Stop and smell the roses.

Have you ever lived by some place of interest and because it's familiar never went there? Well so is the case with where I live. It is a virtual bevy of American Historia. Take this place for instance the Chancellorville Battlefield. Apparently this is supposedly the most famous and historical intersection in American history. There was once a large house on this corner and it was pretty majestic in its day, but the Confederate army burned it down. The blue team won this particular battle at the cost of 17,500 men on May 3, 18... my memory trails off. But all and all I have driven by this site for 13 months now and I never stopped until today. So you never know what you miss until you stop and look around. Posted by Picasa

Monday, July 03, 2006


I bought this Kodak DX3700 today for $20. It's a 3.1 megapixel camera which is more than my present camera of 2 megapixels. As I was leaving I saw this sign and I thought it was funny. Posted by Picasa

She's just a Muslimah

Here's looking at you dad. I was really happy that she put on her hijab all by herself today without me asking or prodding at all. My oldest daughter already wears hijab, but sometimes she has issues with it though, but she's a good kid. Posted by Picasa


Waiting in line at the moonbounce. Shaheed and Van went down. Subby didn't feel like going. Later we all went for some goodies. Just me Subby and Van. Shaheed wanted to go on all of the balloon things and I don't blame him cause they were free. Posted by Picasa

More of the same :)

Now this day was really good. It was like we were right under the fireworks, which was nice. The only thing is that my old Coolpix 950 couldn't focus fast enough so I missed a lot of pics. Also getting the color right was a terrible task. But we had fun that night. I got to eat some kettle corn from a real kettle and not that sucrolose crap that they are putting into everything these days. It was good. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Good times on the 1st

We all went down to the lake for some fun swimming, freinds and fireworks. More of the same scheduled for tonight. Posted by Picasa