Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Eid Mubarak Everyone!!!

I know I know I'm ALL on the late show but hey I've been busy. You can expect regular posts from now on. What have I been up to. Well let me tell you if I try to include all of the stuff that I missed out on I will become overwhelmed and there won't be any posts coming so let's take it one day at a time shall we? Let's go slowly.

I know some big news that if you have been reading my wife's site is how is the marriage going? You know my second wife? Well let's just say that the P door is permanently nailed shut now. It was closed before, but now it is bricked in and sealed and welded shut. Kind of like a vault contains P and we are all out of C4. So there you go. Some regrets I suppose but we will live on.

Loving my wifee. She's beautiful I love her so much. Well that is all for today I think stay tuned for up and coming updates.