Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Eid Mubarak Everyone!!!

I know I know I'm ALL on the late show but hey I've been busy. You can expect regular posts from now on. What have I been up to. Well let me tell you if I try to include all of the stuff that I missed out on I will become overwhelmed and there won't be any posts coming so let's take it one day at a time shall we? Let's go slowly.

I know some big news that if you have been reading my wife's site is how is the marriage going? You know my second wife? Well let's just say that the P door is permanently nailed shut now. It was closed before, but now it is bricked in and sealed and welded shut. Kind of like a vault contains P and we are all out of C4. So there you go. Some regrets I suppose but we will live on.

Loving my wifee. She's beautiful I love her so much. Well that is all for today I think stay tuned for up and coming updates.


  1. So you remarried the 2nd wife or not? Didn't wifee say the end of the year??

    Protect ur relationship with ur wife no matter what......

    So you are swearing of P now? Did u swallow the golden key?

  2. No I did not remarry her. It fell through in the 11th hour. Logistics being what they are. We are done. The golden P key was swallowed and lost down a long dark hole. We are out. So we can put that behind us and go on and talk about winkerbeans or something else I guess.

  3. Just for safe measure I'd break it in 13 pieces and throw it down a deep well!!!

    (this must be hard on you. I am thinking about your comment on wifey's blog. You've got some emotion invested in this.....r u okay?)

  4. If by regular posts you mean one post per week.....well then that means we are all due for a post today....LOLOL!!!!

  5. I've been really bored with blogs lately. I finally went through your archives and read a few posts. I appreciate how much you love and appreciate your wife.


    As for the rest of the things I read? No comment.

  6. yeah, he's got a lot of no comment issues going on....LOL!!!