Saturday, July 28, 2007

Hooray for Vonage

I just got off the phone with my wife. I had an issue with Vonage as I had bought one of their USB soft phone things and I already had an account, but it went through and now I can call my honey anytime I want to. Unfortunately I probably won't be able to call when the Saudis come over and download porn heavily on the weekends and do their online gambling but other than that I should be fine. So Vonage gets a big hooray from me!

By the way if you would like to sign up, and have high speed internet just tell them I sent you. My email is on my profile. Then I get two months free. Yipee.

That was an experience.

I had to go a couple of days to Kuwait at a base there and it was really weird. We couldn't leave the base at all, I mean period, and although there was a mosque on base I had to put in a chit to go. It seemed so strange that both the Kuwaitis and the Americans had real estate on the same piece of property but neither of them talked to each other. There were no common areas for socialization or anything. So soldiers would effectively be around these people for years and not know anything about them. I thought that was incredibly stupid. I could be wrong though I was only there a few days.

Living life thank you for your comment. I do love my wife tremendously. I was thinking when I was walking through the airport looking at women in hijabs and abayas that if things didn't work out with my wife and I, I would never marry again. I also thought that it would be totally unfair to get a second wife because there is no way that I could love two women this intensely, even if she was the cute young thing. My wife is the greatest, I love her so much. I was able to talk to her for the first time since I've been here and it was great to hear her voice. All I have are memories now that we are so far apart. I can't go to her and hold her. Funny the things that you take for granted when they are always in your face. Distance does make the heart grow fonder.

Depression. Sadly I have stopped reading many blogs on the regular because one I don't read that fast and two most of my P friends don't have happy stories to tell. I wish it were different, but alas even I don't think that I could do justice to the union. I wish I could, and I wish that things would have worked out the first time we tried to go down that road, but Alhamdulillah our marriage was strengthened by it and now my wife is all that I see. She's so cute. Anyways. I hope to keep my blog fairly updated and I will share some pics when I can. Bye all.

P.S. Make Dua for Safa.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

No wonder why that is.

I went to the Masjid the other day and I prayed Maghrib and Isha at the grand mosque in Bahrain. I got a new appreciation for strictly using the right hand to eat and greet with. The bathroom had stand-up toilets but no toilet paper. I haven't mastered the squat down jammies yet, and I think I would probably fill my pants with poop if I did. So anyway after cleaning myself and making Wudu again and going back inside. I found a Tajweed class. So I sat down and listened to some of the most beautiful Tajweed I have heard in person in a long time. The Alim was tenacious and didn't let anything slide not like in the states. So then I got to read and after I read Al Fatiha the best I could without any corrections mind you the Alim kindly told me that if I want to sit in his class I would have to go upstairs and register with the Masjid, bluntly translated the state. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot over. Since when does someone who wants to learn their Deen need to register with the state. Allahu Alim maybe they are just doing some routine maintenance, but it freaked me out, but not really cause I don't really care I just want to learn some Tajweed and I'm not trying to start a revolution or anything, but still it is creepy. Now I can better understand why my brothers and sisters that come from this part of the world act the way they do.

Well my internet time is up so I will drop this post. I will see you all again later. I will try to get back to my one post a day.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Argument Resolved

My wife and I often argue about whether or not it is Coast Guards (meaning more than on Coast Guardsmen) or Coast Guard. Obviously I say that there is only one Coast Guard and that is what it should be referred to, but she insists. So here on this plaque we have the definitive answer of how you should pronounce more than one Coast Guard Person. LOL

So I'm here right out of my front door is the ocean which is pretty cool I don't think I've ever lived this close to the water. I would actually be right on the water if they hadn't built those flats in front of my place. I was taking pictures of outside of my door like these ones here.

When I noticed that my door looks like the intimate female anatomy organ. Can you tell I'm missing my wife or what? Anyway.

So I went out today and I would guess that the weather here is like Miami weather in the midst of summer. Hot and muggy but not as muggy as South Florida, but it was really hot all the same. I went for a walkabout and found the base by chance so I went in. It looks like a prison with large concrete blocks in front of it. You wont be ramming it with some chincy Dodge Neon I tell you that. I checked out the place in a short walk around. There is the NEX (Navy Exchange) which is the place to buy all of your groceries and such and a gym and a theater, food court movie theaters and such. I noted a few things that I will buy.

1. A Wicker Dirty clothes hamper.
2. A Sport Duffel Bag.
3. Some gym clothes.
4. 300 thread count Cotton Sheets and deluxe pillow set.
5. Turkish Bathrobe and Towel Set.
All the comforts of home.

I don't quite know what kind of other stuff I will need, but I do know that I won't have any money until the 1st. Oh well.

So I get invited to this party and there are a bunch of Indonesian girls there. The exiting Chief there. Now I know that the primary religion of Indonesia is Islam, but I can sure tell you that they were behaving anything but. After we all stripped down and got into a pool that looks like this.

About 20 of us and all. Skinny dipping in the back of this guys flat. What else could we do it was really hot.

Hah!! You all wish, I'm just kidding. Anyway these girls are all over there drinking and carrying on. I just swam and ate the free food because remember I'm broke so free is always good. Besides I hadn't seen the guy since I was in Honolulu. I was a bit surprised that he had so many girls over to his place though considering that he is fairly unattractive and kind of annoying. Kibr I know Astagfirallah may Allah bless him with the supreme blessing. However none of the other guys that I know of had any girls at their places that I know of. So kudos for him. I was talked into making some balloon animals so I was kind of a center of attention, but not really because they only came around to get a fresh balloon and then they were gone again and they didn't speak English so I didn't speak to any of them. Anyway I did good, I really wished that there was a way for my wife to come out here though that would be really nice. So after the inebriated Indy girls left I went home and jumped into my own pool the one you see here. I chatted with my wife a bit until she had to go, and now I will update her blog.

Tomorrow I plan to work out and stuff, Sunday my mini vacation is over I get slammed with a full workload. Yay. But at least I won't be bored.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

All things aside

It looks like I'm going to open that private blog after all. I've been gone from my wife what seems like an eternity and I'm already missing her. I miss her so much. There are much more intimate details that I used to share but will now have to be reserved for her private blog. So sorry girls no erotica for you :( unless you get in on the inside scoop. I didn't know that I would miss everything so much, she's so beautiful and I love her so much.

Bahrain is well different. I got here at night so I got the full Vegas look. Homos on the streets and what-not. Not bashing mind you just observing. I can't wait until light to get a better view. I will keep you all updated I promise.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Thinking on the day

It is never a happy thing when you have to leave your heart behind. I love my wife dearly, but I have to look back at the day and see how the setup and the weaknesses within myself stumble over each other.

My Mom's so funny was telling me about the son of a friend of hers who is a Hebrew Isrealite who has two wives, and at first I really didn't think anything of it and then I started later thinking why did my mom find it so necessary to relay that piece of information? I don't think that she would care if I had two wives or not. We had talked about it before. As long as family integrity remained all would be okay. I got to my hotel room and thought about what she said and really looked inside of myself. My ex-second wife called a couple of days earlier and said that she was coming down to stay with my wife for a while. Another friend said that she was going to stay with my wife for a couple of months while recovering from pregnancy who is currently in polygamy, and Big Love is into it's second season.

Hmmm Gee Shaytan could you have made it a little more obvious? So I sat and thought am I happy with my whole closing the door on P policy? YES I AM. I love my wifee more than air and I could never put her through the constant drama that I currently read about on a daily basis in polygamous families. I don't wish to hurt her so much I could never do it. Before I had no Idea what it was all about and all of the feelings that are thrown around, but now I do. So no, I'll keep her she's perfect.
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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Dreary Day

Today is the day, that I leave my family behind and get on the road. The departure was a teary eyed one. I choked back the tears as much as I could and they held until I got on the plane. I'm leaving my little wifee and kids behind. It is a sad day, but Insha Allah a happy time and good adventure. I love my wife with all my heart. She's so cute. It seems everyone and their second mother is trying to stay at my place while I'm gone. Insha Allah my wifee won't have to be alone.

Well I think it is going to take some time before I can ramp back up to a 1000 words a day So that is all for today.
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Monday, July 09, 2007

I just can't

I looked at it. I stared and stared, but I could not reconcile with myself how wrong this artery clogging processed food stuff is on so many levels.

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