Saturday, July 28, 2007

Hooray for Vonage

I just got off the phone with my wife. I had an issue with Vonage as I had bought one of their USB soft phone things and I already had an account, but it went through and now I can call my honey anytime I want to. Unfortunately I probably won't be able to call when the Saudis come over and download porn heavily on the weekends and do their online gambling but other than that I should be fine. So Vonage gets a big hooray from me!

By the way if you would like to sign up, and have high speed internet just tell them I sent you. My email is on my profile. Then I get two months free. Yipee.


  1. Well thank Yah/Yeshua/God that you realize your wife is a gift from Him.......and that you are Not willing to throw away what He has given you for anything! Polygamy or otherwise!!!
    Keep away from temptations and continue to love your wife!!!
    It will be worth it in the end!!!
    God/Yah bless you both!
    Crystal :-)

  2. Yes, marriage is a gift....(((shudder))) at seeing the name Crystal here.....but I honestly think it can't be related, right?

  3. Huh? What is with Crystal? And related to what?

    Well in most cases marriage is a gift there Safa. I was going to email you an answer to something that you were having problems with on your blog like a year ago. You were trying to get the colors right or something, but I suppose it doesn't matter now.