Saturday, July 28, 2007

That was an experience.

I had to go a couple of days to Kuwait at a base there and it was really weird. We couldn't leave the base at all, I mean period, and although there was a mosque on base I had to put in a chit to go. It seemed so strange that both the Kuwaitis and the Americans had real estate on the same piece of property but neither of them talked to each other. There were no common areas for socialization or anything. So soldiers would effectively be around these people for years and not know anything about them. I thought that was incredibly stupid. I could be wrong though I was only there a few days.

Living life thank you for your comment. I do love my wife tremendously. I was thinking when I was walking through the airport looking at women in hijabs and abayas that if things didn't work out with my wife and I, I would never marry again. I also thought that it would be totally unfair to get a second wife because there is no way that I could love two women this intensely, even if she was the cute young thing. My wife is the greatest, I love her so much. I was able to talk to her for the first time since I've been here and it was great to hear her voice. All I have are memories now that we are so far apart. I can't go to her and hold her. Funny the things that you take for granted when they are always in your face. Distance does make the heart grow fonder.

Depression. Sadly I have stopped reading many blogs on the regular because one I don't read that fast and two most of my P friends don't have happy stories to tell. I wish it were different, but alas even I don't think that I could do justice to the union. I wish I could, and I wish that things would have worked out the first time we tried to go down that road, but Alhamdulillah our marriage was strengthened by it and now my wife is all that I see. She's so cute. Anyways. I hope to keep my blog fairly updated and I will share some pics when I can. Bye all.

P.S. Make Dua for Safa.

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  1. Tks for ur dua....

    It's so great to read you loving ur wife so much....she's a lucky woman to have the love and respect of such a dedicated husband.....masha Allah!!!

    Living Life is my bestest friend in the world BTW......