Friday, July 20, 2007

Argument Resolved

My wife and I often argue about whether or not it is Coast Guards (meaning more than on Coast Guardsmen) or Coast Guard. Obviously I say that there is only one Coast Guard and that is what it should be referred to, but she insists. So here on this plaque we have the definitive answer of how you should pronounce more than one Coast Guard Person. LOL

So I'm here right out of my front door is the ocean which is pretty cool I don't think I've ever lived this close to the water. I would actually be right on the water if they hadn't built those flats in front of my place. I was taking pictures of outside of my door like these ones here.

When I noticed that my door looks like the intimate female anatomy organ. Can you tell I'm missing my wife or what? Anyway.

So I went out today and I would guess that the weather here is like Miami weather in the midst of summer. Hot and muggy but not as muggy as South Florida, but it was really hot all the same. I went for a walkabout and found the base by chance so I went in. It looks like a prison with large concrete blocks in front of it. You wont be ramming it with some chincy Dodge Neon I tell you that. I checked out the place in a short walk around. There is the NEX (Navy Exchange) which is the place to buy all of your groceries and such and a gym and a theater, food court movie theaters and such. I noted a few things that I will buy.

1. A Wicker Dirty clothes hamper.
2. A Sport Duffel Bag.
3. Some gym clothes.
4. 300 thread count Cotton Sheets and deluxe pillow set.
5. Turkish Bathrobe and Towel Set.
All the comforts of home.

I don't quite know what kind of other stuff I will need, but I do know that I won't have any money until the 1st. Oh well.

So I get invited to this party and there are a bunch of Indonesian girls there. The exiting Chief there. Now I know that the primary religion of Indonesia is Islam, but I can sure tell you that they were behaving anything but. After we all stripped down and got into a pool that looks like this.

About 20 of us and all. Skinny dipping in the back of this guys flat. What else could we do it was really hot.

Hah!! You all wish, I'm just kidding. Anyway these girls are all over there drinking and carrying on. I just swam and ate the free food because remember I'm broke so free is always good. Besides I hadn't seen the guy since I was in Honolulu. I was a bit surprised that he had so many girls over to his place though considering that he is fairly unattractive and kind of annoying. Kibr I know Astagfirallah may Allah bless him with the supreme blessing. However none of the other guys that I know of had any girls at their places that I know of. So kudos for him. I was talked into making some balloon animals so I was kind of a center of attention, but not really because they only came around to get a fresh balloon and then they were gone again and they didn't speak English so I didn't speak to any of them. Anyway I did good, I really wished that there was a way for my wife to come out here though that would be really nice. So after the inebriated Indy girls left I went home and jumped into my own pool the one you see here. I chatted with my wife a bit until she had to go, and now I will update her blog.

Tomorrow I plan to work out and stuff, Sunday my mini vacation is over I get slammed with a full workload. Yay. But at least I won't be bored.


  1. Salaams, glad to hear to you made it there.

    The pool photo has me drooling... well, not really, just a tad bit envious. I haven't been swimming in... forever. Unless you count in a snowmelt pond.

    More photos, please! Tell wifee hi and take care.

  2. Great to read you......pool looks good. Interesting point about female anatomy doors....I used to think similar things about the CN Tower....HAHA!!