Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Thinking on the day

It is never a happy thing when you have to leave your heart behind. I love my wife dearly, but I have to look back at the day and see how the setup and the weaknesses within myself stumble over each other.

My Mom's so funny was telling me about the son of a friend of hers who is a Hebrew Isrealite who has two wives, and at first I really didn't think anything of it and then I started later thinking why did my mom find it so necessary to relay that piece of information? I don't think that she would care if I had two wives or not. We had talked about it before. As long as family integrity remained all would be okay. I got to my hotel room and thought about what she said and really looked inside of myself. My ex-second wife called a couple of days earlier and said that she was coming down to stay with my wife for a while. Another friend said that she was going to stay with my wife for a couple of months while recovering from pregnancy who is currently in polygamy, and Big Love is into it's second season.

Hmmm Gee Shaytan could you have made it a little more obvious? So I sat and thought am I happy with my whole closing the door on P policy? YES I AM. I love my wifee more than air and I could never put her through the constant drama that I currently read about on a daily basis in polygamous families. I don't wish to hurt her so much I could never do it. Before I had no Idea what it was all about and all of the feelings that are thrown around, but now I do. So no, I'll keep her she's perfect.
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  1. Sometimes when I read your blog I think to myself..."Allah gives us signs so that we can see".....I talk about that in my "soap" post.

    I have always felt that you have that sort of vision...masha Allah. And when I read posts of yours, I have hope....

    ....that perhaps there are a few men out there....

    May you continue to make good choices!