Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Counter Envy

I liked the fact that Safa's counter could let you find out what were the key words to find your site. Mine doesn't break it down like that. So I'm going to place her counter on the site and try it out for a while. Whichever one works best that is the one that I'll keep on the site.

Blogger takes Java so when I find out how I can configure it to do some other neat tricks I'll be digging into the java books.

I'd like to place that Hafiz counter on the site I think that would be cool. Maybe I'll ask Martin what kind of code he's written for his site.


  1. The blog patrol counter loses its statistics sometimes....a lot. I have both blog patrol and site meter on meter seems to be more reliable. The only thing, I can't get it to show up in the side it's allllllll the way at the bottom of my blog. But you'll notice, it has a way higher count: that's because blog patrol loses counts all the time!

  2. with blog patrol I not only have search tells u details like the size screen the last 10 users had, what operating system, their IP address.....just a bunch of stuff....oh ya...and how they got to ur page. From a bookmark, refered from another fact, I've had a few people come over to my site from urs.......I find it delicously fun. Have you seen the new phases of the moon thingy on my side panel?? How perfect for Ramadan.

  3. In your template there is a section that is called side bar and you place the script below that section and then it should show up on your side bar.

    Actually I looked at your blog and it shows up in the exact same place as it does in mine. If you want it to appear higher on the page you have to go to the sidebar section and put it above your "recent posts" so to speak to move it up.

    I like the fact that blog patrol lets you know what the keywords are that people use to find your blog. With site meter I would have to look through all of my details and write them all down.