Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Sisterwife Blueprint??

I was roaming the net and found this. Actually I picked this up from looking at my wife's sitemeter for a google search on sisterwife. So the Poster Antony who has two wives has this to say:

Preparing a Potential Sisterwife for a New Family Part 1

Stead, Jadez and I have had the pleasure of meeting and chatting with some wonderful people in the chat room. We have covered many topics and spent hours answering questions. It occured to us that some of the information we cover may be info that other may want. One of these is how one prepares or courts a potential sisterwife.

This is written with the assumption that you already have a potential in mind. One note on finding a sisterwife. We have said repeatedly that when finding sisterwife, it is critical that you be friends with them before you start your poly family. This is why we believe that people should look to those they know already. A wife may find that a close friend is excatly the person they are looking for and they already know each other. If you start with a stranger (someone you meet over the net or personals) than please become friends with them first, not after they join the marriage. If you wait till after they join the family, you may find that they are not one you can be friends with.

We have met many poly people who started a family for the first time and failed. The shortest time was 1 month before they broke up, the longest was two years. After talking to some of these people, we began to see a common thread with successful poly families and ones that failed. We were able to put together list of how to introdue a potential poly wife. This process is a PLATONIC (NON-SEXUAL) method. Here is a basic breakdown of successful steps to starting a poly family.

1. Prepare you and your spouse with a poly mindset.
2. Educate yourself about the positives and negatives of living poly.
(Step 1 and 2 should occur concurrently.)

3. Identify the potential sisterwife.
4. Develop a friendship with potential.

5. Prepare the potential with a poly mindset.
6. Educate the potential about the positives and negatives of living poly.
7. Introduce the idea to the potential about becoming a sisterwife.
(Step 5-7 should occur concurrently)

8. Potential visits poly family on a regular basis.
9. Potential lives temporarily with family PLATONICLY for no longer than three months.
10. Husband and wive(s) come to a unanimous decision on whether to accept potential as a new wife.
11. Husband and wive(s) propose to potential.
12. Have a Commitment Ceremony.
13. New wife makes move in final.

Please remember, finding a poly sisterwife is not an exact science. This guide is based off of years of living poly and viewing successful and failed poly families.

I will cover each step individually and with fuller explanations.

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