Wednesday, September 27, 2006

This land is my land... This land ain't your land...

So this is the one she picked out. Personally I would have went with a revolver .38 special for her. Why?? because when you pull the trigger you are guaranteed to have bullets come out and you don't have to fiddle with safety latches and such. This one though is nifty because it has a light slide for attatching a light to. We are also getting one of those safety steel lockups so the little ones can't get into it. I'm still uneasy about it. If she goes ahead with it I'll post pics of her Outlaw Josey Wales style with her first shoot. This one is a Smith & Wesson M&P .40mm.

I find it Ironic that in the month of Peace my wife is thinking about straight blasting unsuspecting folks that sneak up on her to ask her for a bowl of cherries. LOL (Well maybe not).

If you don't know the crude American schoolyard chorus for this song let me enlighten you

This land is my land

This land Ain't your land

You better get off

Or I'll blow you head off

I've got a Shotgun

And you ain't got one

This land is made for only me....

In most American schools you learn this shortly after learning the original. 2nd or 3rd grade I can't remember. I know this one so well I forget the words to the original.


  1. I can't believe she's actually going thru with it. She has a lot more guts than!!

    Guess what? I felt so rotten about u being left outta the whole Linky Doo thingy....that I linked u and ur Queen to my BLOG.....hope you don't mind.....

  2. I've never heard that version, but I also never went to public school, so oh well...

  3. Nope not at all. Knowing Safa is good for your blog counter. Since you linked I'm up like 18 hits. Kewl. I tried to link up to this blogroller thingy that lets you easily add and delete links to your site but they haven't emailed me so I will try again. Supposedly it dynamically updates your links and you can set it so that the last updated is on top so if you link to all of your friends you can do it without wasting a bunch of sidebar space. So it will show the most active blogs.

    I think that you will always have a hard link on our blogs though. I think I'll add you to my wifees right now, but I have to talk to her first.

    You gotta try that comment thingy on your site Safa. I think that it is really cool.

  4. I am not going to blast innocent people. Only the ones that come down my private driveway, about an acre. Then refuse to leave when asked, then come upon my porch to come thru my front door. I shall only shoot from within the privacy of my own home :)