Sunday, September 10, 2006

A Day run Red

Today started off a very bad day. My wife had trace bright red blood this morning. This is a sign before the storm, before a miscarriage, for us. I felt so helpless as my wife who can eat Nail Board sandwiches and not flinch cried. There was nothing that I could do, but everything I should have done. I should have done it all the laundry, the getting the kids dressed and cooking and cleaning, but no I am guilty as all too many men are. I didn't do enough. I should know if the house isn't just so that she is going to want to clean it.

So she lay in bed with her hips up all day today. Waiting for the day she can have her cerclage placed. My mom told her that if we can't take care of her then she would put her on a plane and she could rest up at her house. My mom wants another grandson. Her hips up worked it seems because her bleeding slowed and there was no tell-tale clot that passed. A second Chance from Allah Subhannahu wa t'ala? Insha Allah.

There is more, but I should be in there right now so I'm going to sign off. AsSalaamu A'laikum.

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  1. wa alaykumus salaam. I think its wonderful that you so feel your wife's pain. Do ur hardest to make this one stick.......masha are thinking along the right lines. Whatever happens is Allah's Will. I pray that she keeps this one.....