Thursday, September 21, 2006

How far did I get?

Well I'm still washing clothes. Folding now. We dropped off the car and the finished, but we chose not to pick it up. Went to the mortgage brokers office and did some last minute paperwork for the loan. Then went to the Real Estate agents office for some more last minute paperwork. Stayed there forever. Left went to the Masjid for Asr. Went home and stopped off at the park and played for a bit. Dropped off the little man that we are watching. Came home Pizza for dinner. That's a cheat thanks wifee. Had to lie down with wifee because she was sleepy and she sleeps better with me there. Now I'm washing and folding.

Now mind you I blew off 5 hours because everyone was sleeping :(, I seize free time when I can get it. So now I'm paying for it. Tomorrow is going to be busy as well. It's all good though.

Shout outs

Good morning Wifee (I'm working honest), Anchorage, Toronto, PM, Safa, Those guys in England, Georgia, and LA. Can't forget Minneapolis. Salaam all I'm sure there's something else you should be folding clothes. Bye.


  1. did u get to the 14 outfits? That's what I'm waiting for.....

  2. No not yet still doing laundry. I still have another 5 loads outside that were supposed to be done at the laundrymat.

    I honestly think that the 14 outfits is going to be problematic but we will see what comes of it. You know that Oh that outfit is sooo cute... but wait, wait sort of thing. We'll see.

  3. Be firm....divide it up into a pile of staples, (turtlenecks, pants) and then a pile of the so cute stuff, (really a great piece, fancy sweaters...), I think 5 outfits for home, (pyjamas, track suits, lounging stuff) and 5 for going out, (jeans, overalls, complete outfits) then give up the other 4 outfits as the kids pick....u pick the 10 and they pick the 4....make sure you got urself a weeks worth of underwear and undershirts, all folded together, and give em 10 pairs of good socks....and that's it. It's a plan......