Wednesday, September 27, 2006

In Da House

Well not really. So as it goes we didn't get the $10K we got $7 minus the repairs that were already done, which was actually a decent deal, but it doesn't sound that way when you are getting less money in your hand. We didn't do walk through because the Realtor said that she couldn't contact us. Normally if you call us at home and we don't answer it forwards to my wife's Cell phone. If you call her phone and she doesn't answer it forwards to voicemail. Either way your message will end up in her voicemail. The problem is she doesn't check her voicemail. If you ever become good friends with my Wifee don't take it personal, it just isn't something that she does. So if you have to get a hold of her for emergency purposes call or email ME and I'll relay the message. So the Realtors said that they left messages as to all of this information that we never got, but I still love my wife intensely anyway and wouldn't change her for the world, but we were not informed about a lot of stuff, but that's cool. So anyway there was a problem with the wire transfer so we got no check at closing :(. So we are still broke until Friday. The bad thing is that we are over drawn, and we have like four things that are going to go boing racking up like $120 in bank fees Grrrr. I hate late bank posts. All is well though.

So my wife is so sweet she says that I can have the overage of $5k and she will make it work. I'm going to pay off my credit cards and call it a day. We can afford the Walls and floor and that's about it. She's adamant about the Gat though she's gotta have her Gun. Click, Bang!! So maybe just the walls and shake out the rugs really good. LOL.

Hard for the Guard

The movie the Guardian comes out on Friday. The Coast Guard is going nuts about it. My Command is letting people off special during the work day to go watch it. That's too bad I have a family rule No TV, No Music, No Movies or any other frivolous garbage during Ramadan, But we will be buying Curious George for the kids that comes out this Friday too. I haven't been Uber strict on this one this year because the little ones can watch their shows (all videos the cable has been cut off...again). I wonder if I should include blogging in there, or at least surfing the blogs? I'll have to see if I have read my Quran this year or not. The Queen is doing better than me in her reading Alhamdulillah.

For all the Wisdom and Tea you gave to me...

I was listening to Dawud Wharnsby Ali this morning (Islamic music doesn't count especially if you're trying to stay awake) and started crying. I got a poetic moment but I let it pass. You can't reconstruct poems after the time has passed because then you get too analytical and they begin to sound corny. Poems are like raindrops you have to catch them when they are happening. I pray for that brother may Allah increase him in light and raise him up with a beam of light on that day as he wears his beam of light in this life. If you've ever seen him he has the glow of a Muslim a truly beautiful person. May Allah continue to bless him and his family. Ameen.

Sheik Zaid is supposed to be in town next month doing a fund raiser for $120 a person. When my brother told me this I was like who the hell is going to that? I'm not big bank hank or anything. He said that he was doing another fundraiser for Al-Qalaam school for $50 a head my wife and I might be able to swing that one. I love that brother if you ever want to know how a Muslim man should conduct himself, watch him, Listen to him, I truly love that brother for the sake of Allah. May Allah grant him the highest of stations in the Firdaus. Ameen.

Alhamdulillah!! Tomorrow night I will be able to take my place amongst the rows. Insha Allah I will make Itikaf this week and catch-up on everything. I still have tears yet to shed my heart is in dire need of the firm connection to Allah. I believe that the most important verse in the Quran is the verse is the one quoted at Amani's blog 3:103 "and hold fast to the Rope..." because it lets you know that no matter how hard it gets and no matter how low your deen don't let go of the hope of Allah for it is always there. The Quran is so wise that it tells you that even if you stop doing everything that a Muslim is supposed to do there is still hope for you. The Quran is such a blessing Alhamdulillah. It provides for the believer no excuses not to succeed even in the depths of depression and hoplessness, the Quran provides a way out.

I think I will stay up in NOVA (Northern Virginia) tomorrow after I get off to get some bloodwork done and get one of Sheik Estes tapes to give to this one person at the laundrymat I was talking to. She's a Christian and like most doesn't know. My wife tells me I get all technical when I start doing Dawah and confuse the living heck out of whoever it is that I'm talking to, but I know that Allah sends you people for a reason. Needless to say if we are together and someone asks something she's bound to cut my line when I start talking. Occasionally though I get to speak a little and this laundrymat attendant asked me for a tape and Since Sheik Estes is an ex Southern Baptist Minister I think that he would be most inline to give to the sister. I've listened to his stuff he's pretty straight forward and such a hard worker for Jennah, May he receive success in making it to Jennah, Ameen.

Sister wife reflection

I often wonder about the whole sisterwife thing. If you read some of my archives you will know that this idea has been with me for quite sometime. Long before Islam, Long before puberty. So I wonder if it will ever happen. I have to be better, a better Muslim, A better Husband, Father, Human being, neighbor, and friend. I don't think I'm giving 100% right now. Sometimes you get lazy and the better the wife you have the easier it is to skate, but I have to be better. I think of how it is going to be. Undoubtedly we will have to have a single or very close in proximity living arrangement. I think about the particulars like children, living quarters, division of time etc. I wonder how well we will work together to ensure that the children have everything that they need first. I reflect on the problems that I have with my daughter. With her I'm not always on and I can't do that to her, if I expect her to change. I wonder how those problems could become exacerbated if another wife/family joined our union. I thnk about chest time. The Queen loves lying on my chest, but she has to fight for time now between her two daughters who never let her have her time if they can help it. I think of the quiet moments, the stolen moments, the guerilla moments alone in solitude. Can I do this? Should I try? Or should I just wait and do everything to get to Jennah where I know it is not going to be a problem? Oh Allah make me patient and trust in you in all of my affairs.

Night shift is the worst

My families schedule falls apart when I have the night shift. My wife had them on a schedule but when night shift rolls around it all goes out the window. You would think that would be the easiest shift but no the little ones stay up until wee hours of the night and then they sleep in late and of course they stay up again the next night and so it goes until I get off and take them to the park to run them like they are run away slaves and then they can fall asleep at a decent hour. Thus the cycle starts again. Insha Allah when we move to the new house we can get things all stabilized. It is not my wife because the same thing happened in my last marriage when I would get back from underway, I think that the same thing happened when Safa went to visit her Hubby so you see hubbies are the problem, they have to go.

My wife is moving into her whiny stage. I hate whining I only tolerate it from her. My kids don't get the luxury of whining. After this she will always be hungry but won't be able to eat because she will be too cute, and round, and big. That's when I get Fat because she gets all this food and can't eat it all so she says "can you finish this" and there goes my figure ooohhh. LOL I never care about that stuff.

My wife just got the kiddies to go to sleep, and she's fallen asleep as well. She's so cute. I love her, you just gotta.

Ramadan Mubarak all. I hope your fast is going well. I pray that you all are well and that Allah will keep you and yours tight in the Deen. Ameen.

Well I gotta go and do some work now.

AsSalaamu A'laikum.


  1. I luv u so much hubby wubby. You are the best. I pray that Allah (swt) give us clarity and ease in all of our affairs especially when we decide to add on to our family with that special sister that will be a blessing to our union. I now that our sisterwife profile is pretty specific but so was my hubby profile and Allah (swt) gave me exactly what I prayed for. Know that Allah can do anything. Let's just focus on pleasing Allah (swt) in everything that we do and the rest will come.

  2. Masha Allah....what a great "cocktail" ur new house also in Locust Grove?

    PL....u forgot to say Ameen after ur dua....or at least u didn't type I'll add my voice to urs...ameen.