Monday, September 04, 2006

Blog Stats

Ok peeps I religiously look at my blog stats. I'm convinced that the best way to get more visitors at your site is to blog about interesting facts like the Death of the Crocodile Hunter or such things as sex which people will search to get to your blog for a purpose. Most sisters get to my wife's blog via sisterwife search or via my site. I have found that most people get to my site from a way that I can't really check, my profile, and they get there from me leaving my comments scattered around the web. I like seeing where people are from normally. Someone who has been frequenting my site lately is listed as unknown ISP, Unknown country which is kind of freaky. I don't know of a way to link my counter to my profile that would be nice. Anyway it is always good to see newcomers to my blog. I have to get in some good new content before 9am when Toronto checks in. Sometimes Toronto comesback before leaving campus. I have'nt seen Minneapolis in a while, maybe I was gone too long. Oh well.


  1. Unknown ISP and Unknown country isn't as freaky as seeing that someone at has been checking your blog daily....any address with gov checking the blogs is creepy. And they get to it by a self-referring bookmarker....should people working at the department of transportation really be surfing blogs daily and bookmarking my site?? It's got me totally weirded out.

  2. I beg to differ. The reason being is that the CIA, or FBI can browse via cloaking means, however I think when they do it you don't get any indication at all. There's definetely some super sneaky spy stuff going on out there enough to freak out anyone there Ohio. If you are referring to me I check your site from two locations work ( Washington DC) and home ( fredericksburg) and if you tell me who you are and your blog I will stop checking your site at work. My email address is on my profile page.

    About surfing blogs at work well you are probably right, but today is a slow day so I had time. At home there is life to deal with and not so much time to surf.

  3. I didn't know it was you with the gov address! LOL It's not that big of that I know who it is!