Monday, November 27, 2006

It's the Gospel

Ok all I haven't posted my journey to Islam story yet, but maybe someday. Ok I was raised a Southern Baptist and my whole family is Southern Baptist and my Grandma is the kind, church everyday twice on Sunday type so I know the Chuuch. Anyway leaving out for work today I get this song in my head from back in the day. ~ sings ~ Leaning, Leaning, leaning on the hand of everlasting arms ~ you can check the lyrics here but I can guarantee you it doesn't have the same flavor.

So you know as a Muslim you have to check yourself whenever you get a gospel reminiscince (is that a word? oh well) because of what is in the lyrics. Like I swear whenever someone starts a sentence with "I have decided..." and then stop it hits me but I must hold my tongue. (The rest of it is "to follow Isa (aoothoobillah)" But everyone wasn't raised in those old Georgia churches. Well I guess that lyric is ok as long as it is taken into the context of following Isa into Islam, but anyway. I just find it amusing everytime I get in those old gospel moods.

Then like when I visit my family sometimes it comes all back to me. Like when my Granpa passed on. I was fine for the whole funeral and then they come in with the Gospel music and the memories and the tears all come rushing back. However when they sang one song, it is the other one that gets stuck in my head that I can't remember now, I was like THAT'S NOT HOW YOU SING THAT SONG!!! Because I guess the old singers have moved on or passed now so it doesn't have that same soul to it that I remember. Like the old way was with this ambiance of Deep South churches that didn't have any air conditioning and so you had to use the paper fans with Dr. MLK's face on them like he was some kind of saint or something, or they were always from some funeral home or something but either way they didn't work. It was amazing that more people didn't pass out in those polyester suits in the heat of Georgia. However when they sang, it had the eerie memory of slavery and Africa and there was a hum in the middle of each verse that echoed a pain that was just too familiar of loves lost, but at the same time as soothing as a mothers arms. I don't hear that in todays gospel. It is just glorified hip-hop, and I can't stand it. Not that I listen to it but whenever I happen upon it.

So anyways that was a stroll down memory lane.

Like Duh

OK So I'm on the phone with my wife and she's telling me about a sister that called yesterday and I spoke to because I had her phone, and keys and wallet, but anyway. I was just talking to my wife and she said that a lot of peeps come to my blog from my wifee's blog or Safa's blog because unfortunately some of your husbands are nuts. So I'm like that totally makes sense. So definetely no erotica now. Maybe I'll post all my blog entries on my wife's site then you guys can feel free to comment in the comfort of your own space. So I guess I can calm down about the comments. I understand.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Should I make a new blog?

Okay I've been thinking that too many people frequent this blog that are connected to me, I think I really am not for sure. I know that a suitor or someone related to a suitor of a friend of mine comes to my blog and I don't know if I want that persons mouth all out there. I guess it doesn't really matter.

Secondly I think I would use the blog for my more x-rated thoughts, erotica and such, which could cause a conflict of interest with the whole ambassador of Islam thing. I used to write quite a bit back in the day, and when I go back and read it now it sounds really corny. So I don't really know about that, but it is a thought. What do you think? It was just a thought.

More whining

I get like 40 hits a day on my site and several regulars but no one comments and when I ask questions they hardly ever get answered. Ok I’ll stop whining now.

I had an entry about insecurities of my wife's but she read it and it was not ok for me to publish it. So it will remain a draft indefinetely. We have to talk about it first.

Your questions?

I was really going to go into the insecurities thing, but if my wife won't let me put them out there then I dang sure don't expect any of you ladies to start answering questions of that highly personal nature. So maybe I'll go first. What are my insecurities? That is a good question.

Getting divorced. I've been divorced before and it hurt very badly I love hard and wouldn't want to get divorced. Especially from my Queen.

Inability to Manage. I fear that I will be unable to be able to balance home life and work life. Like if I really had to hustle at work. Right now I'm kind of coasting along which will come to a crash in about three years. Then I'm going to have to bust my butt, and I wonder that if I am busting my butt on the job will I have time for one wife let alone 2.

Inability to manage feelings. This short time has taught me how to communicate feelings with my wife, but the fact is just getting up off of feelings is difficult at best, now multiply that times two.

I wanted to ask those of you in polygyny what your biggest insecurities were. If you all answer it will be greatly appreciated. I can't talk about my wife's insecurities here, but I would like to hear yours if you care to share.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Without women I would drown.

Ha!!!! You thought this was another one of my horny toad blog entries right? Wrong!!! No this is just me whining about my blog traffic. All of my traffic comes from two women. Safa or my Wife. I don't get it my wife's site gets googled more. It has more references to more peoples blogs and everything. So I'm like without these two women I could truly write anything on my blog all kinds of really weird and kinky stuff, because no one would find it. No one except those next blog yo-yos. Waaaaah!!!! LOL. Ok enough whining.

Shout out to the faithful.
It seems lately that all of Ontario is reading my blog. Cheers all and who is that in Bod Nordland? Glad to see Minneapolis come back I was starting to worry. Morroco hasn't been around in a while. Gotta give shout outs to Rain, and Al-Maraya I see you guys. UmmAbdurRahman. I never asked you if it was ok to post your kids pics. I think you took them down off of your website so I don't think I will. I know there are others, but for now that's all the shout outs.

Friday, November 17, 2006


Ok Scrabble is my game. So when my daughter straddles up and asks me to play I'm like cool I'll hate to break your heart darling but I'm gonna toast ya. So we start and all of my letters are vowels. I'm like cool I won't trade I'll burn a few turns and things will turn around. Not a chance I keep getting a full rack of vowels and like n's WTF. So she Smoked me by like a 100 points. She was very stoked. I was happy for her, but sugar honey girl it is on now!!! She even got a 7 letter score! Good greif.

No more Mr. Nice guy (not that I ever was when it comes to Scrabble)

Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Ok for all of you who don't know these things really hurt. It is a condition brought on by extreme sexual trauma without release where the entire area swells and engorges and it feels like some one kicked you in the nuts. I know girls don't know how it feels but as you can imagine it is very painful. describes it like this:

Pelvic congestion is a condition of temporary uncomfortable and sometimes painful condition of both men and women, usually caused by prolonged sexual arousal.
In men, it is often referred to by the slang term, "blue balls" and is may be accompanied by a cramp-like ache of prostatic congestion and pain/tenderness of the testes.
Women can also experience discomfort due to unrelieved vasocongestion as their pelvic area also become engorged with blood during sexual arousal. They can experience pelvic heaviness and aching if they do not reach orgasm.

Doesn't really matter how you describe it, it really hurts. I didn't know that women could get it. You learn something new everyday.
This is the condition that I came down with whilst writing my wifee some erotica. We're like a 1000 miles apart so it was the best I could do. Now the problem with erotica is that you either have to remember actual events that happened or walk through events in your head stuff that you wish would happen. Either way it will leave you horny as hell. If it doesn't then chances are it isn't erotica. So here I am with my condition and really feeling the pains of that story. I know from experience that masturbation doesn't make things any better and in fact most times makes it worse, so I didn't go that route. Actually let me change that. It works if you release the pressure early if you wait until you are already sore it doesn't do anything for you it just makes it worse, but at any rate I didn't go there so I just had to wait and let things subside on their own. Foot. Well that's over now I have to decide whether or not I want to add another installment.
I don't know if my roomate's marriage is going to make it. They just had this massive blow out fight on the phone about what else Money. I swear it was like listening to two teenagers on the phone, they fuss she hangs up and calls him back 2 minutes later. Then they repeat this in 7 minute intervals for like an hour. In the back of my head I'm like get an annulment already. Normally I wouldn't say that but she like cheated on him and gave him an STD during the courting phase. Why the hell would you stay with someone like that? Maybe it's just me but I would have called an 86 on that situation.
This post was actually started like two days ago but I got sleepy and couldn't finish so I don't know how well it is going to flow.
So the other day I was hanging out with this guy in my class and my roommate who had his wisdom teeth removed I would love to show you a picture. He's all on the phone with his wife (earlier) while he was in so much pain "Oh baby I love you so much, you're the best, Aw Mami" Then later they are at each others throats. I found it comical, sad but comical. I wish them the best. Oh yeah so he had to go to Game Stop to sell some games because he needed to buy like pudding and stuff. He had to sell games because he is having money problems. I would have offered him some money but I was broke myself. So he got like $85 bucks for a couple of games and a PS2 system that he bought for like $10 from his grandfather who owns a pawn shop. So we're out of there and walking through the mall and there is a Vikki Seeks there (Victoria Secrets). I tell the guys I'm going to shoot in, because my wife loves Vikki Seeks stuff. I'm in there for like 2 seconds and they are coming in to me like okay let's go. I'm like wait I'm looking for something for my wife and they are like no let's go. So we leave, and I don't know if there is a Vikki Seeks up where I am because VA is just backwards like that and all of their malls are in inconvenient places it seems for me. I have issues with VA don't get me started.

So we leave, maybe I'll comeback and get her a gift card or something Shhh it's supposed to be a surprise. Especially some of you that live in the same state as me ahem ahem.

So then we go play video games and in the back of my mind I'm thinking you just sold your PS2 why the hell are you dumping $5 of your hard earned cash into a video game? Different strokes, huh? Anyways I usually don't play video games because it takes a long time to get proficient and I feel it is just a waste of time, honestly. So I don't take them seriously. So he beat me and this other guy in our class at this car racing game like three times and it was a $1 a pop game and it was his treat, huh? maybe it was more than $5 bucks? Whatever.

So that's all for today I have to get my day started. For all of you who have commented on other posts I will respond I just really don't have a lot of time right now. Yesterday I left the house at 7 am and didn't get home till 11:30 pm needless to say I crashed very hard yesterday.

Blogging with my treo. Man I love this thing.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Big Brown Betty

Here she is. So now you have a pic.
Blogging with my Treo... Man I love this thing.