Friday, November 17, 2006


Ok Scrabble is my game. So when my daughter straddles up and asks me to play I'm like cool I'll hate to break your heart darling but I'm gonna toast ya. So we start and all of my letters are vowels. I'm like cool I won't trade I'll burn a few turns and things will turn around. Not a chance I keep getting a full rack of vowels and like n's WTF. So she Smoked me by like a 100 points. She was very stoked. I was happy for her, but sugar honey girl it is on now!!! She even got a 7 letter score! Good greif.

No more Mr. Nice guy (not that I ever was when it comes to Scrabble)


  1. seems like the student is surpassing the used to it old man.....the next generation will RULE this world!!

  2. Not a chance We will have a rematch.