Sunday, November 26, 2006

Should I make a new blog?

Okay I've been thinking that too many people frequent this blog that are connected to me, I think I really am not for sure. I know that a suitor or someone related to a suitor of a friend of mine comes to my blog and I don't know if I want that persons mouth all out there. I guess it doesn't really matter.

Secondly I think I would use the blog for my more x-rated thoughts, erotica and such, which could cause a conflict of interest with the whole ambassador of Islam thing. I used to write quite a bit back in the day, and when I go back and read it now it sounds really corny. So I don't really know about that, but it is a thought. What do you think? It was just a thought.


  1. I am curious Muhammad. Do you think writing erotica is halal? I just don't see how you reconcile it with being a Muslim but don't understand the idea of keeping two blogs. Don't you figure Allah will know? And after all, He is the one you should be concerned about ;-))

  2. Welllllllllllllllllll :) ya know.

    I can understand where you are coming from and seriously something to that effect should be kept private. Erotica is halal, but bringing it into the public space isn't. Then why mention it? Curiosity of what people think.

    With the promise of polygyny next to dead. It is much cheaper and less problematic to fantasize, and as long as they are all my wives then it isn't outside of the bounds of what is halal or not, and you can always kick it up a notch with that whole right hand possession thing. How does that work in this day and age? There's a question for the scholars.

    I don't think that it would be something that I would publicize, because of the whole Allah is always watching thing, I'm just curious if people would really be concerned or not. I mean how many people want to know about dancing midgets and sugar spoons? LOL

  3. Haffta admit not so interested in the erotica end, but do like to read your posts!

  4. Yes, I see. What you are saying is that expressing your erotic ideas is halal within the private sphere of your marriage but not within the public sphere of a blog. Although certainly no expert in Islamic knowledge that does seem to make sense.

    On another note, thank you for your kind comment on my blog. I am coping and insha'Allah growing stronger and wiser. Certainly thoughtful expressions of concern help promote this.

    God Bless you and your family,

  5. Oh my, Muhammad.....sometimes you just come up with stuff that makes me hold my breath.....but erotica? SubhanAllah! About another blog? I don't know.....I find ur place here to be cozy.....but something I learned about people in my few years online here.....usually when people throw an idea out to be commented's already been done. You prolly already have that little blog out there somewheres......that's a MAN THING....MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Hope I CAUGHT YOU on that one...

  6. No honestly I don't have another secret blog and erotica is best kept as a secret. So sorry folks no clandestine emails as to where the sexed out archives are.

    bsides women aren't interested in that kind of stuff anyway, because men's (my) families are actually pretty graphic and that just doesn't do it for women...initially. That and my wife already knows all my kinky thoughts so no... or maybe...No, just no.

  7. lol.....well, I knew you were messed up ever since the "dog shooting" post you did way back. Funny? No, just no.

  8. Muhammad It would be very disappointing if you had or get a private blog esp for the pleasure of speaking on erotica. This should be a topic left private between your wives and yourself. As another advice to you...plz stop commenting about sex, kinky thoughts and the fact that you have fantasies. This place is too public for such private comments.

  9. Hence a private blog between me and my wives.

    About Sex: Sex in Islam is not Haram and neither is sex advice or sex concepts. What makes it Haram is if there is a fitnah causing incident. If certain venues of sex are causing problems then those venues should be redressed, but sex and sexual topics are not haram. If you don't believe me go to and ask them their opinion.

  10. Not a fitnah causing incident, but rather the way that the concept is introduced. Like Oral sex if you go to any Halaqa with a qualified sheik who is speaking on marital relations the topic of Oral sex comes up. In these gatherings the questions don't get as graphic as most people really want to know. I think the official rule about it is that it is ok however it the climatic fluid shouldn't be swallowed for both male and female ejaculation. Why I don't know because it isn't Najis (reference Reliance of the traveller) or anything and would probably qualify as extra slippery spit but that is besides the point.

    Fantasies are a by-product of a creative mind. If you do not fantasize then you are well on your way to losing your creativity. It is essential in your life in and out of the bedroom.