Monday, November 27, 2006

Like Duh

OK So I'm on the phone with my wife and she's telling me about a sister that called yesterday and I spoke to because I had her phone, and keys and wallet, but anyway. I was just talking to my wife and she said that a lot of peeps come to my blog from my wifee's blog or Safa's blog because unfortunately some of your husbands are nuts. So I'm like that totally makes sense. So definetely no erotica now. Maybe I'll post all my blog entries on my wife's site then you guys can feel free to comment in the comfort of your own space. So I guess I can calm down about the comments. I understand.


  1. I think 40 hits a day are pretty good! You know...when I checked my counter I found out that I've had over 15,000 hits...OMG...I had no idea.... Keep ur blog all ur own...people are coming, and you haven't been posting so regularly, you know? I spose you guys got the net at home now?

    I still think you already have the erotica blog....LOL! I'm gonna look for it!

  2. salamlu alaykum,

    Well a lot of muslim sisters may be shy to comment on your blog with the whole fraternizing with the other sex thing, especially if they are married as you know how jealous the husband can get. Would you mind if your wife always commented on some muslim brother's site, especially if he had his picture up and he might be handsome!!!