Thursday, September 07, 2006

I Love my wifee

She's just the cutest little thing. Of course she preggers again Alhamdulillah. There's good and bad in that, well not bad just extreme caution. She's emotional, masking, irritable, cute and round (not showing yet just the natural curves). She says that every time she starts losing weight BAM she gets pregnant. She hopes that this is the boy so that she can be done. This one will make 7 when we have a full complement from Hawaii. This also means no sex for 9 months, for medical reasons. Last time we breezed through and there weren't really any problems. I hope this time will be the same. I'm sure I'll get aroused in that time, but I know that we will have a lot going on and really won't have a whole bunch of time to worry about that sort of thing.

She inspires me she is so on top of her duas. Every morning without fail she says "Alhamdulillah alathee Ahyana ba'tama wa ilayhin nushur" she says the dua before going into the bathroom. She's so cute. I on the other hand usually forget to say a lot of my duas before doing stuff. Usually I'm like half way into them before I say something. Her on the other hand is always on top of it. I pray that Allah gives her success in this life and the hereafter. I love her.

She's off this morning to the doctors. Supposedly a 10 minute visit but with the way Murphy works who knows. I may have to take the illegal car in to work.

My baby girl knocked out her tooth yesterday 5 years too early. So now she looks odd. She had already traumatized them once when she was running in Costco and fell and burst her face. My wife fixed her teeth by pulling them back into place. I was kind of laughing because the original traumatizing of her teeth happened in Costco and I thought of the Stella awards. We should have sued LOL.

The house is a tense subject right now. We have it worded so that we get $7,000 at closing, however it is a stressful situation with my wife's condition and everything. So we are like if they comeback and say anything else we will just drop the deal and that will be one less stress to worry about. If they say ok then we will have 2 mortgages, the uncertainty of where I will be stationed next and the uncertainty of my wife being able to work. You see when my wife gets pregnant she is supposed to stop everything and lie down with her hips elevated for the next 9 months. She has had 2 miscarriages this year and we are hoping to keep this one. My wife forgot about that tidbit of clinical advise and I thought she was just being stubborn. So she is out of play until she can get a cerclage placed. After the cerclage she wishes to work 2 days a week to pay for the mortgage at the other house if we get it. If we don't get it then we will fix up this house. Insha Allah we have made dua about it and hope for the best.

We have to go to court next month and begin the adoption proceedings for Donavan. His mother has moved away and completely abandoned him. So the courts want us to adopt him. I don't have a problem with it. Supposedly there is supposed to be continuing support but we don't know exactly how much it is going to be. I think that will be a test from Allah in terms of money and support and whether or not we will turn him away or not. If medical care isn't included then it would become a hardship on us and we wouldn't be able to do it at least not right now.

The little fat baby is up now so I have to go.

I hope everybody is getting ready for Ramadhan. I would like to finish the Quran before it starts this year so I will have at least completed it twice this year. I mean at least so I can decide whether I want to read it in English or Arabic. As it stands now I have to read it in English becuase I don't have a head start. Insha Allah I will finish it by next week I am on Surah 24 and have 11 more Juz to go.

I love my wifee she's so cute.


  1. Mashallah, you seem like a caring and attentive husband. I love your descriptions of her. I suffered a miscarriage with my first pregnancy. I now have a baby girl, so I guess it was just the Qadr of Allah. I don't have any real problems like your wife does. I hope that Allah makes it easy for both of you and that you have a healthy, pious child, ishallah...ameen

  2. nice I love the thrill of reading the quran in Arabic....but it goes much slower than my english.....

  3. May Allah make it easy on your wife ameen!!! She definatly deserves for Jennah to lie beneath her feet. Masha Allah. She is very blessed to have you there with her through all of this. Not many men are patient with this sort of trial.

    By the way isn't adoption haram??? At least giving the child your last name is, right? Did you check on that? I am sure you have because masha Allah you seem to be a very good Muslim. May Allah reward you both with jannat al Firdaws. Ameen

  4. I love you too hubby wubby.May Allah continue to bless our marriage and keep us together in this life and the next, AMEN.

  5. Adoption with a cut to the family ties is haram. We didn't cut the ties he was abandoned. We are not changing his name. We may Arabicize his middle name to Yusef but that is about it.

    A'oothu bilahhi about his mother she moved to Texas and we haven't heard from her since. Insha Allah she is alright. I have to say that prayer because I don't like her very much for what she has done to him.