Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Dreary Day

Today is the day, that I leave my family behind and get on the road. The departure was a teary eyed one. I choked back the tears as much as I could and they held until I got on the plane. I'm leaving my little wifee and kids behind. It is a sad day, but Insha Allah a happy time and good adventure. I love my wife with all my heart. She's so cute. It seems everyone and their second mother is trying to stay at my place while I'm gone. Insha Allah my wifee won't have to be alone.

Well I think it is going to take some time before I can ramp back up to a 1000 words a day So that is all for today.
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  1. All the best to you on your adventure. May Allah protect you and bring you back to them safely. Ameen.

    I can just imagine the walk to the airplane....trying to keep ur head up, while carrying the world on your shoulders......