Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Poems are like sunsets

Poems are like sunsets they are most beautiful if write them down when they are happening. The following are the remnants of what was a better poem which I recited to my wife whilst she was sleeping. In pure form I think it was more intense. The new treo will have a recording option. The recording on my is hit and miss because of read/write speeds to the memory card. I wish that I could have recorded it, but I was intertwined with my wife at the time :).

The current issues with my wife wanting to give our marriage a grace period because she thinks that the passion has faded are most trying for me. I'm in a state of increased anxiety over this. It hit me going home the other night. There is a verse in Quran that completely outlines this situation.

8:53 This, because God would never change [56] the blessings with which He has graced a people unless they change their inner selves : [57] and [know] that God is all-hearing, all-seeing.

I think that my latest foray into weak faith is hitting home in a serious manner. So I must strengthen my faith and all other things will fall into place. I believe.

My wife has asked me to marry another sister that was on her list of sisters she wouldn't have a problem with when we got married. My fear is that my efforts to show and prove that I am indeed deeply in love with my wife will coincide with this new proposal and become misconstrued as wishful hoping. I think that I should decline until I can consistently prove to her that I am indeed deeply in love with her, but I said yes when she asked me so I don't know how well that will be taken.


  1. polygyny is so tricky....I wonder why your wife is trying so hard to push someone on you??

  2. She's not really and now that it's all out in the open and such it has kind of lost its lustre. Especially when people like DocPeace remind you of tricky things like rules :).

    She's not trying to foist someone off on me though, but if a situation comes along that works it is an option.

  3. I like the fact that you are saying you aren't willing to sacrifice ur life and wife for polygyny. Nobody has the pureness of Eman to really make it work like it used to. Mind you, there are the exceptions. And in the end....it takes a good man to practice polygyny. It is all dependant on YOU. As much as you have support, as much as you may have 2 good women....if things go well, it's because you manage well, and if things go wrong.....well...you get my drift. I think that most men would shudder in fear knowing that if they screw up, that on the day of judgement they will stand before ALLAH paralyzed.....at least with one wife, if you mess up.....that isn't an option. (As if we are short of punishments, eh?)