Tuesday, July 11, 2006

I love you

I love you

From the eastern shores to never more

I love you

I love you

From the earth to the tips of the skies

From the brown pools of your eyes so inviting and warm

My love the swarm that fills this land

So that every man can hear the sound

Of my heart beats as it pounds this love for you

Growing billowing and flowing forth

Feeding the seeds from south to north I love you

I love you

So let it be heard

Carried on wings of birds from land to land

I love you

So sound a love that is intertwined

Of the hearts and minds of lovers known

lovers lost

No other love has paid this cost

As my love for you

My love, My true

I love you

From the depths of the sea, and pits of despair

Our love rises, again and again

I love you

I love you so let it be known

from the seed has grown a life giving force

This love has laid

against the tricks that were played

From evil and right

This love takes flight

Unchained, Unrestricted unbroken

There is no token only the whole

Without missing pieces or parts we remain intact

Our love, Our pact

I love you

I love you with strength given by the One

A love overpowering the sun giving hope to all

From the depths of the universe, and all dark of darkness

Does our love come shining through

So that lovers may wish

And children may hope

To see a day and love this way

So pure, so true

This love my wife I dedicate to you

So that you know my fire has not faded

I cannot be persuaded for anything less

My wife, the best

I love you

I love you

and for that flowers bloom

Filling the land with color

Is there another that can bring such a thing?

To make birds sing and fly in the sky?

to make sun shine, there is not

There is no plot that can withdraw me from you

There is no test for you are my breath

My dawn, and sunlight

I love you with all my might

My very essence cries for you

My love, My true

I love you there are no equals in life

to match this love

My pure, My wife

I love you

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