Friday, October 20, 2006

The snuck out pics

Well they are not really snuck out, but I will try to annotate as well I can.

1. The driveway
2. Another driveway view
3. All the way in the front. There is a small field in the front then a row of trees and then our front yard.
4. Another driveway
5. Backyard
6. Path to backyard. Well the field in the backyard.
That's all my phone will let me send.
Blogging with my Treo... Man I love this thing.


  1. Beautiful!! I LOVE the fall colors!!

  2. Yeah it is pretty out there now. My phone botched the 6th picture. actually that is an abandoned boat that the previous owner has to remove and the tires are what we use for target practice. Yesterday I got my first bullseye on the first shot. That shooting was a nice grouping. Probably would have been high points but I only think that it is 15yrds on a 25 yrd target.

  3. We once owned 40 + acres in a summer home. Some of the nicest parts of my youth were spent there. I think this is a great place to raise your kids.

  4. Summer home? Friends with money LOL.

  5. HA! was way out in the middle of nowhere, part of a town that no one had ever heard of, among all the country bumpkins. No indoor plumbing in the house, took a few years to actually get electricity and finally a't sell of sale that my parents took for about $10,000 Cdn. A steal for sure. Town consisting of one convenience store and a small diner. Nothing things there were......we had a river on our land.....My parents bought me a little motorbike to keep my busy, (if they only knew where I was driving with that thing!!!).....and sometimes I got to bring a girlfriend.

    Believe, lots can be told under a particularly starry night.....friendships were made and cemented...favourite trees found and secret places kept've done something SUPER special for your kids...take it from a girl who has been there......

  6. Like I said friends with money.

    So forest princess I'm glad you enjoyed your summer home. I suppose that is your own briar patch (Brer Rabbit) I don't know, I suppose I could have gotten used to the cold, but it is not likely.

    I'm riding now in 35 degree weather with a wind multiple of 80mph (one day I will find a nice conversions site for the rest of the worlds measurements) It's chilly but as I suspected there is no chance of me falling asleep at the handle bars. My fatigue becomes painfully obvious when I step behind the wheel of a car this tired.