Monday, October 16, 2006

The earth as vast as it was constrained for them

Have you ever noticed that the Quran is always talking to you? If you have read it at least once in earnest you will always find the darndest verses admonishing you. I messed up and fibbed about it. So then the verse that says “and tell the truth even if it be against yourselves” stands out. So I’m like I’m sorry Allah, but I’m anxious of the outcome if I can’t cover up my little transgression. So then the verse that states “It would be that they fear men, just as or more than they should have feared Allah” stands out. It was amplified by the fact that I signed for my bike which I took a loan on which is Riba, I will pay it off in a short amount of time but it is still Riba. So I compared the two events; how can you ask for forgiveness and your enemies overlooking your faults and are afraid of the outcome, but you had no fear when it came to signing for Riba. I was devastated. I was so troubled in my soul that I corrected my fib. I’m still anxious about hearing about my mistake but at least I won’t have to hear about it from Allah Insha Allah, and hopefully he will shield my mistake from the eyes of those that will be looking for it. I pray O Allah please don’t let them see my mistake. Ameen.


Believers listen to the Words of Allah when they come to you because if you don’t then what could come next could be worse. Insha Allah we will all do things right the first time and forgive and over look the faults of others. I can understand the beauty and simplicity of the Prophet overlooking the faults of many and forgiving others for their misdeeds. It comes back to you. I pray that I am of those who overlook faults of people and forgive them their misdeeds towards me. Some things you just have to practice before you can truly see it in action.


This has taught me a valuable lesson. That it is not ok to be complacent about laxness in your deen and comment on it and not do anything about it, because you will find yourself slipping deeper and deeper into the red. I have commented here about not being on the top of my Deen and that it is down, but I have not addressed the problem. You can’t take a break from Deen. Because we live our Deen it is with us everyday. We practice it and you can’t stop practicing it, just like you can’t just stop living. You can’t quit the Deen and you can’t just quit life. You have to keep going. You must strive for excellence in all you do and say, daily, consistently.


May Allah save us all. Ameen.


  1. Alhamdulillah I talked to my Cheif about my mistake and he said it wasn't a problem, I would have lied for nothing.

    Mr. Banks on the other hand may still have my head.

  2. Good post, and an excellent reminder... 'specially for me, I have a very bad tendency of trying to justify my mistakes or minimalizing them... :S :(

  3. As much as I'd like to say not to beat yourself up over this issue too much, I know that it's not the right thing to do because you are absolutely right. I'm not going to excuse myself, either, because as your sister in Islam, I shouldn't have been more happy for you about the bike than concered over the riba. I had a duty to gently remind you of it and failed you in that regard. May you and Allah (swt) forgive me.