Thursday, October 26, 2006

That's messed up

Ok so wifee and I are I Ikea right. I take my daughter in to change her diaper and this guy comes in and he has the bg's. So he's on the toilet laid out. I take my daughter out to mommy and return for wudu. The poor guy is going full force by now, I mean hey buddy can I get a courtesy flush or something. So anyways he was a yard man and he left his $1000+ lawn blower in the middle of the floor (i was gonna get a pic but wifee had my phone). So I'm like it would really be messed up to be like Hey Hector thanks for the blower and start walking off with it. His pants were around his ankles his butt is in overdrive what could the poor guy do? Nothing it was a perfect plan. I didn't of course but how funny would it have been? Unless of course you are Hector.

Blogging with my Treo... Man I love this thing.


  1. You are so silly. No one but Muhammad thinks of these things.

  2. just yet another look into the window of your hubby's WEIRD sense of humour. I mean, come on. This guy is farting out his entire insides...and he's thinking....HA HA...maybe I'll steal his lawn blower? Serve buddy right for eating that double portion of bad guacamole?? LOLOLOL!!!!

    And what was his last sick post about? Oh yeah....shooting some poor kids dog??? LOL!!

    Yeah...but I spose, if ur Adam Sandler or something...u could make it funny......