Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Deen crashing

Ah yes here is something that I had wanted to blog about, and I don't have much time so I will have to come back to this venue in a while.

Women are by far the fastest accepters of Islam and again Women are the fastest leavers of Islam. Why? Frankly it's the men. Women come into the religion and then get involved in abusive relationships and when they leave them they want to emancipate themselves from everything that has to do with it including the Deen.

We have this family friend who was in an abusive relationship for years. She finally stepped out of it and took off the hijab and everything, got a few boyfriends and now she's going to church. Well it plays out that the process is a slow gradual process. It starts with the removal of the hijab or for men not praying and reading Quran. Then moves on to the persons acquaintances and from there kuffar creeps in slowly and slowly until wham they are a kuffar and a true one, because there is that period of a couple of months that one fully remembers and knows the truth but to mask personal pain they choose to set it aside. Then they become completely absorbed into the lie as Allah turns away from them as they have from Him.

More on this later. Just think in your mind of someone you know that this has happened to. I am going somewhere with this.


  1. "Women are by far the fastest accepters of Islam and again Women are the fastest leavers of Islam."

    Asalamalaykom, just look at the first person to enter into Islam after Mohamed (pbuh)...it was Khadijah (ra).

    I think women are ready to accept the power of God faster because we feel the control God has over our bodies more than you men do. We know how much a pregnancy is out of our control. We truly can give up of ourselves in a way you men cannot.

    But, we give up too easily for men as well as for God. We give up what we need and want in order to keep men. Later, when the men are no longer worth our time, we give up hejab, you're right. We know we should give up and we forget that we should give up our need to control to God.

  2. The sad thing is that it is such a painful situation. The trauma of bad interpersonal relationships naturally creates a dislike for everything that person liked. It is a coping mechanism that people use. It is sad that this is present in Islam, but through knowledge and understanding the light of Islam shines through.

    Women need to understand that for the most part they keep the deen alive and they mold who it will be the in the future to lead this Deen. The primary years of a boy's life are entirely molded by the mother. That is a powerful time and that time is not easily forgotten by men. As women bond together in the raising of children the importance of knowledge must always be paramount in the childs life. It is through ignorance that children become the bad examples that we have today. Diligence in the realm of education is paramount to prevent such atrocities in the future.