Thursday, October 05, 2006

Okay okay

The visit went well. The baby is fine and every thing. We are right on
track. Then came the PAP smear and I'm not entirely sure what a pap is let
alone why you would smear one. That was painful and caused spotting. :(

My wife got her gat so if you must visit call first, then call again and by
all means use the secret horn blow for that day. Cause I don't know who I'm
gonna leave all 7 of these kids with when I go to work. Lol.

Blogging with my Treo... Man I
love this thing


  1. I love ultrasound pics. What is the thing ur wife got? And what happened to ur laundry jihad??

  2. The call it incompetent cervix, probably named by an impotent man. She's still very cute though. The laundry won the first volley. I'm doing some reconnaissance now and expect to flank it any day now. Waiting for when the moment is ripe.

    Man if I skip out a couple of days reading your blog is like a novel you write sooooo much sheesh. Where do you find the time Sister girl.

    I pray for you. I commented on your blurkers entry. It was short daswhy. I hope I get a positive response from my blurkers, but who knows.

  3. Sorry I missed some commas there, but you get the picture.

  4. commas and letters to be exact...I'm such a spelling freak...I try to hold it in tho!

    Most of my posts are written offline....I do em on Word and then cut and paste them. Random moments in my day......thanks for the dua....believe me....Allah is blessing me these days in ways that I never expected. Alhamdulillah. I answered ur post too.

    U know, I heard that the onset of depression starts when the laundry basket is don't let it sit too long!