Friday, August 29, 2008

When the Kunta Kente band comes off...

The prospects of this thing are incredible. I can go to work and come home and anything outside of that has to be put on the schedule at least 72 hours in advance. So that is the case House Arrest. So many things I would love to do with my days other than sit at home studying, blogging or helping my Mom.

So when I get this thing off my foot here are the things that I intend to do.

1. Lift my hands and give thanks to Allah.

2. Go to the Masjid and pray in the front rows as often as I can.

3. Pray Taraweeh if it comes off before the end of Ramadan.

4. Hopefully get to see my kids even if under supervision.

5. Go to the West Coast and catch a sunset.

6. Go to the beach and put my feet in the sand.

7. Catch a movie.

8. Go out to dinner.

9. Go and visit my Dad.

10. Take a vacation just so that I can go.

11. Go to all of the places that I have to so that I can do my job.

12. Go shop endlessly at Tiger Direct (a huge computer store)

13. Visit my family.

14. Visit my aunt in the nursing home.

15. Volunteer at the Masjid or Habitat for humanity.

16. Get a second job.

17. Go to work early and watch the sunrise.

18. Visit friends.

19. Go to Starbucks at 12am with my laptop.

20. Be at peace.

21. Chill.

If I were to ever get married again I would make it a point to get my wife out of the house even if I had 50 kids at home just so that she could have a break. Bowling is always fun, but a romantic walk along the beach is good too. I will put my sunset pictures on here when I can finally get out. Oh Allah increase me in patience and let those who see my trials be inspired.

I miss my kids very much. They are such characters. Mina my advocate, Pipi Longstockings probably describes her best. You have to watch that movie. I can't wait for the Bath, Books and Bed routine. I so look forward to being with them all. Niama my "little fat baby" She's not that little and fat anymore but she will always be my baby. Always wiggling, moving constantly I look forward to holding her and snuggling her nose and squeezing her. She's so cute. And then there's E.B, Ibrahim is the name but they got into calling him E.B so it is kind of weird. Actually E.B is my father's initials. His middle name is my Dad's first name. So I look forward to seeing them again. We will go straight to the park, and then climb the big hill at the end. If we would get snow it would be a great hill to go sledding. Alhamdulillah I am so blessed and Insha Allah these trials too shall pass. And this too shall pass.

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