Friday, August 08, 2008

10 things I miss about Bahrain

I reflecting back over my time spent in Bahrain I would like to go back and go over. There were several things I loved about Bahrain, but these are the top 10.

10. Free gas, bottled water and all the CD music you could swap.

9. The courteousness of the people. The Arab cultures who visited on the weekend were a pain but Bahrainis are very nice.

8. Flying to Kuwait and hearing the traveling Dua on Gulf Air. Their service was awesome too.

7. The brothers there were great I still keep in contact with them.

6. The Sunsets on clear days were awesome.

5. The massive selection of fresh juices everywhere. Raspberry Juice was my favorite. Kiwi lime and peach mango come in second.

4. Hearing the Athan 5 times a day.

3. Being able to pray anywhere. That there were Masjids and Musallahs everywhere.

2. Praying in two full rows at Fajr time.

1. Walking to the Masjid. I don't really think that there is anything that I miss more than waking up and walking to the Masjid for fajr. The peace and serenity is indescribable.

All in all I miss it and yes I would go back.


  1. I agree completely with the exception of 10, 8, and 2; and some changes with 7 (would be sisters) and 1 (would include walking to the masjid on campus when I am at uni). Now I am caught between 2 worlds and never completely satisfied without some restlessness in either.

    You can always look for work in this area. It is generally very family friendly.

    Take care,