Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Comment Wars


This is a very traumatic time for Sakinah and I and personally any other time I would probably stir the pot however at this point in time I really don't want to see good friends start quarrelling as well. So please desist I am working my way out of depression please don't slide me back into it.

There are two sides to every story I think that we have established that as a fact. If you will read my blog I do not believe you will find any accusations or name calling or defamations of character coming from my side. If you happen to find any that I have over looked I will promptly apologize for them and or delete them all together. I have let her tell her side I have refrained and will continue to refrain from telling my side to any depth of the matter. I wish to cover the faults of the Muslims in hopes that someday my faults will be covered.

I appreciate all of your concern, however Ramadan is quickly approaching us and we must mind our tongues and increase our dua. For those who will give I appreciate it and for those who don't have the wherewithal to give WE would appreciate your dua. I don't know what the future holds but I have faith that Allah will make the best of this situation. If you wish to give but want to remain impartial we are still in a $2k deficit on bills. They are coming either way and it all needs to get paid.


  1. Could you please post the link to your wife's blog? I would like to read her side of things (to be fair) before I post a comment in yours.

  2. I am linked it is called Sakinah's Blog. Please feel free to click on it.