Monday, August 04, 2008

Getting back together

It is wanted, but not as easy as it sounds. I love her with all of my might but we keep bumping heads. Egos flaring and I think that I have made some pretty serious concessions, but we have sticky issues. Issues that impede serious progress for a fluid reconciliation. So we've agreed on the generalities, but the details of which there is only one impede a smooth transition. As smooth as it can be, I suppose. Once the bumps have been ironed out I will no longer comment on my personal life, just to make matters easier. I will put that into my private blog. Maybe or I will just pray about it. I have full faith that the sticky issues can be smoothed, we have gotten this far there are only two steps to go. I'm still going to counseling though.

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  1. AA,
    You know there are times when love is just not enough. If it were many marriages would have been saved. Sometimes people love each other and they love deeply but it is not enough. we grow and sometimes we grow apart. We long to be with that person but in the end being with them causes more pain than happiness.
    Its hard sometimes but sometimes we must let go of the ones we love.
    It hurts
    it sucks
    its not fair
    in the end it just may make u a better person.

    your doing great IMO