Thursday, August 14, 2008

Maybe in December...

December sometime is the earliest that I may get a chance to see my children again. I have talked to several lawyers and from their just estimation the first lawyer was correct. Sometime in December will be the earliest that I will be able to see my kids. Sometime in October is the earliest I can get this stupid GPS monitoring device off of me. My Lord has humbled me and I am listening quietly. I have told Him that I cannot fight this fight and every time I pick up my sword to swing He gently tells me to put it down and be patient so that is what I will do. I'm sorry folks you will not be getting any juicy tidbits of information about this situation. I'm not going to be spilling any dirt nor slinging any mud, I'm just going to be patient and watch what Allah is going to unfold. I believe in victory and I have to accept the fact that it may not come in my lifetime, I may have to wait to be vindicated on the Day of Judgment, but I will be vindicated of this I have faith in that.

I have no hard feelings against my wife, I really don't, but I feel that this victory will be manifested in itself. I pray to Allah for the protection of my children, that they stay strong in faith and if I lose custody of them, if I lose visitation of them altogether or if I am incarcerated for the rest of my life, I pray that my children will remain steadfast in faith and I have hope and pray for the promise of Allah. I believe that my prayers have been answered, and the moments are coming for the unveiling of the final decision.

I do need financial support though. If you are a friend of both of us and do not wish to take sides that is fine I understand that we have a stack of bills that haven't been paid and if you would rather me do so I can place a separate button just for those so that you can remain impartial. Those are ours collectively so you can remain neutral.

Allah is working this out and I can only hope for a speedy deliverance. Insha Allah. If she tells them it is all a lie then they may dismiss it all together. If she goes to trial I may get convicted and have to do jail time and then never be able to see my children again. It is hard not being able to see them and I love them so much.

My legal bills are such I believe I have found a lawyer to represent me and with him I am expecting a bill of between $3500 to $4500 and he has 28 years experience. I have called several others and they state about the same thing, but this guy came with high recommendations so I am leaning towards him and he gave me some very good advice. The Bond was set very high $25,000 for the charge of battery and $10,000 for the charge of assault which means that my bond is $3,500 Broward county doesn't play with their domestic legal issues. Hopefully they will be just as strict when it comes to other things. We will see. If you ever met me then you would know if it could be possible or not. These accusations are false and regardless of what anyone may feel or think this affair is out of my hands and in the hands of Allah.

So it is just like Bahrain, only this time my children are down the street, but I cannot see them, nor hear their laughs, nor squeeze their bellies and give them raspberries. No more Amelia Earhart park or the Children's Museum for a while, no zoo no nothing. Just silence and time to reflect and pray and seek the help of Allah. No I am not going to defame her character and lash out in anger, I am going to take my sword and set it down and watch the Wrath of Allah take place. All of my prayers have been answered swiftly and completely, I see no reason that they should stop now. Verily the prayer of the oppressed is heard so I am not going to worry about it..


  1. I'm sure Allah (swt) will settle things equitably. I will pray that things are settled swiftly so that you can see your children soon. You are right. I was oppressed and the Dua's I made manifested quite swiftly. I will make Dua tonight that Allah grant you equity, ease and peace of mind expeditiously.

  2. After reading all this, and even with your strong faith at the still makes me cry.

    During Qiyyam al Layl...Allah comes down to the lower third of the heavens.....pray then. Ask Allah.

    Forever in my duas...your family.....subhanAllah....I just don't know what more to say..........

  3. To fully benefit from Qiyyam al Layl you must first go to bed. I will make sure I get some sleep tomorrow.

    You are in my Dua as well both of you thank you for your Duas we need it.

    I don't know how this situation will end equity would seem a rational choice, but it is possible that Allah has a more complete plan for this whole process.

    There was a comment here earlier but I didn't write it. I don't know how it got here but this is what I wrote.

  4. I don't know how that comment got here, but I am really upset about it. It really disturbed me. I don't know if someone broke into my account and changed what I said or if someone came in the middle of me falling asleep at the keyboard and wrote that comment or what, but I am seriously pissed off about it. Whoever did it that was not even funny. I changed my password and I hope whoever was responsible for it has the decency to desist from such statements in my name.

  5. SubhanAllah. I can hardly believe what I am reading after soo long since I last came to your blog...maashaAllah.

    May Allah make it easy on you all, you, your ex-wife, and especially the children, ameen.