Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Happy Birthday to Yah

Today is Sakinah's birthday. Normally I would get up and make her favorite eggs and pancakes and sausage (if it were the weekend) let her max out until she wanted to get up, of course she would want me right there with her with her legs intertwined in mine so I couldn't actually get out of bed and we would lay there and talk and I would run my fingers through her hair and tease her about different stuff. We'd lay there until the kids forced us up. I missed her last birthday I left right before it and I will be missing this one too.

The things you have to get used to, and then adjust to and then life goes on in an unexpected way, twisting and turning through trials and tribulations. Hopefully this is the darkest it is going to get for a while at least because Allah says "with hardship comes ease" and I am looking for the way out. Insha Allah. Well Baye if you happen to come across my blog Happy B Day I still love you like nobody's business. It is unfortunate that it had to go this way, but take a moment to just reflect that there is a guy out there that really loves you and insha Allah that will make what you are going through a little easier if just for a moment. See you Monday, unfortunately I wish there were better circumstances, but it is what it is. Happy B-Day SCM.

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