Saturday, August 02, 2008

Holding firm to faith...

The rope is extended and I am holding on and I am not afraid of what comes next. I can do this, one day at a time. I am really coming to grips with my slack-assing as I sit and steal a couple of minutes to drop this blog note. I need to get a load of laundry into the wash, make oatmeal, get the kids clothes ready for today, clean my room, clean the bathroom, brush teeth, change diapers, wash my Mom's car, wash my car, help my brother, study for my real estate test, make some calls, make lunch if I'm not with my brother, pick up my uniforms from the cleaners, polish my boots, read my book, take a bath and change my clothes, wow yeah slack-assing really is getting me nowhere.

I missed jumaa yesterday because after I left the Coast Guard day function my kids were hot and dehydrated. Oh yeah the Coast Guard day well it was great I would have given a picture of the Coast Guard helicopter but we didn't get that far, but we did see a cool owl. It was one of those owls in that Disney movie I forget the name. The had him fenced off and when you got close to her hole she let you know that you were not welcome with this cute little shriek. She was more cute than scary because she was so small. The name of the movie is Hoot as you can see here. Here is my picture of the little fella.

So anyway we are there the kids are having a good time and the went on the merry-go-round and the bounce house. Ibrahim didn't like it very much. So then me being a babooze thought that the food and stuff was free and as it turns out I didn't get paid this month and I will have to sort that out later. So either way I wasn't going to drop $32 down for some hotdogs and drinks. We did do the ident-a-kid thing so I will get their cards in the mail. So here we are out there sweating and what not in the South Florida sun and now the kids are well hot and sweaty and Jumaa is quickly approaching. I should have asked someone for some water there but I didn't, so I'm rushing out. I get to the car and it is hot as hell because I have no A/C yippee and Ibrahim loses it as soon as his but hits the seat. I have got to get that fixed because otherwise I am sure he will have a heat stroke. I try to hydrate him but he is having no parts of that and on the way to the Masjid or rather my Mom's house en route to the masjid his situation gets worse so I stop off by my cousin's house to get them hydrated and cooled off in the a/c. To make a long story short after changing Ibrahim's diaper and putting him down for a nap I fell asleep, and thus I missed my jumuaa. Oh well I am sure that My Lord will work with me. Insha Allah. I don't take all day to get out of the house though when I want to leave. Diapers, check, Wipes, check Ok I can make it work.

So my slack-assing time has run out. Mom just readjusted my que and the blog is way down there on the list. I got to go wash her car. So I'm out. I feel better each day now that acceptance has started setting in and I ponder about my life in the future. I just have to remain focussed and busy getting things done. I just have to make sure I can accomplish the maximum that I can with my 24 hours and I am sure that I will be fine. Still not horny and that is a good thing, because then I would probably be useless.

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