Thursday, August 28, 2008

For the record...

Holding the tongue is difficult at best when emotions are charged, but I will continue to do so Insha Allah. I was going to ramble on about other specifics of the day in question, but I will shorten it to this. My only intention was to pick up the kids and leave, had I found outfits for the kids I would have left the bin, but time was getting late and I didn't want to stay and talk. Allah knows I had ample time 2 hours in fact, procrastination prevented me from looking for the clothes until the last minute. I just wanted to leave her the note and go. I couldn't leave earlier because she had the car seats and her front door doesn't lock without a key, otherwise we would have only met in passing.

The camel's back was broken, but even in this there was a chance at reconciliation. The rest of the details I will continue to hold my tongue over.

Allah made this what it is for reasons that I have no comprehension of. I am certain that it will all turn out for the best. Regardless of what happens from this point.I and Allah know that I tried to reconcile but the more I tried the more it became evident that He was going to stop any chances of it. So I am out of it. If she decides to take full custody. Allah will work it out. If she presses charges. Allah will work it out. If I have to go back to jail until the trial. Allah will work it out. If we get back together, Allah will work it out. What is happening now is out of my hands. I have placed the affair with Allah and I am asking for patience and elevation of Emaan.

AsSalaamu A'laikum

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