Tuesday, October 07, 2008

A New Course of Study

Two Days and I have nothing to say. I am reading The Radicalism of the American Revolution by Gordon S. Wood, but I am not far enough into the book yet to write anything significant. I plan on teaching myself The Calculus as soon as I can get to a book store and buy Calculus for Dummies. I plan on reading the Quran every 30 days in English as it opens new insights into the human psyche and really eliminates much of what you have to read to get a true understanding of the world, because the more I read about the world the more I find out that it has been described in great detail in the Quran. Pretty much making the reading of others a study of how they went about breaking the Laws of Allah rather than garnering a whole lot of true insight. Everything is fully explained in the Quran.

Like in this book that I am reading. The early colonialist weren't racist (although they were that) specifically they were classists, where the honors of the caste system were very much in place. Transition from one class to another class was possible with wealth or the attainment thereof. However this was not exclusive and did not guarantee acceptance into the inner realm.

That reality is very true today as well. Where individuals may happen to be very wealthy they are still excluded from the elite inner circle, making sense of the All Seeing Eye Pyramid on the American Dollar. Many may reach the top level of that pyramid, but the very top is not attached to the physical barriers and is transcendent of such limitations. It is an interesting note and after I finish this book I shall post a paper with its review and a cross examination from an Islamic perspective. It should prove interesting.

I am going to finish my Real Estate Licensing Exam this month Insha Allah. I am giving myself two weeks. Then I have to keep studying until I can save up enough money to take the test. I plan on studying like I said Calculus, Trigonometry and Physics so that I can revisit some of my more technical ideas again and correct mathematical inefficiencies. Lastly I would like to finish a book a week (actually two) I am looking at covering about 100 pages a day and hopefully master speed reading. We will see. If I could cover 100 pages a day then I will really be doing well for myself. These things however will take discipline and persistence and to be truly effective I need to attach them to a greater purpose than myself. I have to keep them centered in my goals.

In the Quran there is only a specific kind of class and that is the class of knowledge. The Quran makes a clear distinction between the acceptability between those who know and those who don't know, giving those who know a higher status than those who don't. Between those who have ascertained the truth and those who only guess at it, between those who ratify the veracity of a statement and those who will listen to anything. This is an important thing to note. Knowledge is the only true authority, but of course is not everything. Then comes the persons actions and their personal struggle against Riyaa and the supplanting of knowledge can easily be accomplished by one studying more and acquiring more knowledge. The difference between a scholar and a sheikh, I will explore the verses on these later to reach a fuller understanding. Well that is all for now.


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