Thursday, October 02, 2008

Muslim thought and The American Presidential Election 08

Hey America! as Bush prepares to leave office he would just like to say:

Haliburton bettah have my money!

As we descend on the presidential debates and finally culminating in the Election in November I just wanted to give my two cents on this process. First of all America it makes no difference which of these two yahoos get in office. Although I am sure that both of them are probably very nice people at the end of the Day the facts are that they are in fact employees and as employees they will do exactly what they are told. It makes no difference for these guys or Jesus Christ the agenda at hand will be carried out as planned and there is little that either of these to gentlemen or the American people can do about it.

This nation is a Capitalist nation and nothing of importance rests in the hands of the people and if you believe that it does then you have been thoroughly duped. Let me ask you to view everything in the essence of Capitalism and once you do that then the ulterior motives become painfully evident. Looking at these images it is almost painfully evident who the obvious president will be. I will be greatly surprised if McCain wins, but then again that wouldn't surprise me either. For that would rest squarely in his area of influence, none of which has anything to do with the opinion of the American people. As a face man Obama is the better candidate to lull the American people into a state of complete submission under the auspices of effective change, while we all go marching along to reliquishing more of our rights, both happily and with a smile. It is in that end that I think that Obama will win. Not his experience, Not his track record, but squarely in the ability to soothe the American people into a state of complete complacency and relaxation and motivated in a belief constructed to make them believe that they are making an advancement. In essence regardless of who takes the reins, nothing will in fact change. The policy is already written and the ink has already dried. Leaving tweedle-dee or tweedle-dum the damning responsibility of making excuses for the process and shifting around the statements of analyst and experts to tell the American people exactly what they are to think and believe, and being well trained most of us will do just that.

To look at this as a Capitalist you have to basically ask yourself if I was a multiQuintillionaire would you risk your whole empire to the decisions of your head manager? A decision like that would be tantamount to turning over the disposition of your checking account over to a contractor and expecting him to be honest and frugal with your money. None of us would do that and neither would the people who are actually behind this this fallacy called the United States Government and the sooner people wake up and realize that then they can truly begin looking for who is actually in charge and address that entity directly. The smoke and mirrors of Washington are nothing more than a facade protecting those who are actually raping America. Young and old, White and Black, Rich and poor, raping us all collectively and they are provided an open avenue for we have fallen to believe in a fallacy that doesn't exist. The masses of America are so trained that their finances, lives, children are inextricably connected to the information and advice of experts that is dictated to them, by those far removed from the effects of the decisions.

Rockefeller, JP Morgan, and Andrew Carnegie would not tolerate any kind of competition at all. Our financial institutions have once again fallen further into the funnel of a few. If we stand back we can only marvel at the bloodshed of the dinner plate of the financial institutions strategically manuevered by those who are looking well beyond our borders for other nations to destabilize. I can only come to the conclusion that America has set the world up for a swift and substantial Judo move by drawing them into our economy only to tuck and throw now that they are off balance. I predict that the current financial doomsday to last until all of the chess pieces are in place to assure certain victory in the financial structures of the middle-east and beyond. This move will solidify America's position in those countries as their financial structure will become devastated, making for cheap real estate, easy profits and submissive people, even if imposed by the begging leadership of those countries.

I am not under any illusion in looking at the Nature of the beast before me. It is a methotical structured and predictable animal and I expect it to do no less than what it was engineered for.

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