Monday, October 13, 2008

I was the man

I was the man that would have been there til the end of time
I was him that would pull and tow the line
I was the man who would have went out in the dark
Fought off the demons while you slept

I was the man who was supposed to be the one you turned to
Then you transgressed that like a fool and now I am left bereft and unprotected
Where was I when you cried out in the night
You would be remiss to say I wasn't on the other line

I was there for you when you shed blood in bed
I was there when the pain rivers ran red
I was there to wipe away your tears
I was there to help you face your fears

Then you changed because I had gone
To protect what we had and to carry on
you called me back but you were not sincere
You pushed me away when I came near

You lied to me and spoke with a fork tongue
I was supposed to blithely forget the wrong that was done
There was no accounting there was no recompense
Now we are torn and ripped apart to silence

I was the man who once walked with pride
Now so covered with shame three buildings cannot hide
I am not one to be held in covetous doom
I will not be locked up inside a broken room

I was he, that man who was there
For all that was want I was willing to spare
Yes he is I now you search for one new
Lest you forget that it was I that was true

Very well then go on, you have made your case
I will always love you and your pretty face
I will not stop, no sight for my tears
For now I will face these long bitter years

Fragmented treasures and treasures lost
Broken dreams on lies have been tossed
No hope for tomorrow
No song for today
For our lives have been cast, and now blown away.

yes it was I to be there till the end of time
now loneliness and wrath okay well then fine
Out of this shell I will arise sublime
The pain is unceasing but it will surely stop
I walk this way west till the setting of the sun
For now this is ended
A new me has to begin again

I must resist temptation
I must not find a friend
I must focus on self
This life I must begin

To sail alone in loneliness
To sail alone pure
To begin in a new life
and all I must endure

Good bye I say again
Please make it the last time
The door is shut the shudders sealed
My love this too shall pass

My love this too shall pass

This too shall pass

Please pass

1 comment:

  1. You were the one who broke the heart of the woman who loved and adored u above all others.It's not what she is it's what u made her.Leave her alone and let her heal her own way.