Monday, October 27, 2008

Don't Get Scared Get Mad!!!

The Jews said Never Again. Well Here we are...Again and where are the Jews? Then again they really weren't in charge in the first place. We are living in serious times, great times. We are living in the times of great potential Islamic glory, Christian glory, Jewish glory, glory in standing out for faith. People like you and me, just ordinary people. Looking to make a change. Doing something, but the first thing that has to be done is that people need to be woken up. People need to know that there is a storm on the horizon and it is not slowing down anytime soon. As information leaks become more problematic to deal with the necessity for immediate and brutal action becomes more and more imminent.

The signs for an American Dictatorship are here and present. There lies a lot of time between here and the time the next president takes office to declare martial law. If martial law is claimed then there lies a very good possibility that we can be stuck with Bush forever. It is not improbable and people I suppose don't think that this is a very big deal, but there is the problematic looming fact that they want to reduce the worlds population to about 5 million people. That being the case it really won't matter that you are white, a African American, German, mildly wealthy or anything else. What will matter is that only a few slaves will be needed and the rest due to some fabricated situation can be effectively killed off.

What really scares me is a possible Auschwitz type of situation. There is a large portion of African American Males in the prison system. The prison system is one of the largest growing infrastructures in America. Those people are immobile and vulnerable to mass executions. Prisoners without family or disinterested family can at any time be quietly transferred and never heard of again. There is nothing to say that inceneraries cannot be installed next to the prison to dispose of a surprise biological outbreak.

There are many ways that we can speculate, more like stratagize how the complete seizing of America can take place, but seriously we need to wake up because it will ripple into everyones lives. Everyones lives.


  1. La hawla wa la quwata billah! This is all I have to say bro. I used to visit your blog about maybe 1 year and some months ago. Am sad to see things have turned this way for you and your wife.

    I just want to say that, putting all your stuff out there isnt good for you. Some things that you speak of from the past or whatever are things that you could have kept betwn you and your Lord, but you made apparent. Make tawbah about this and cease.

    One thing I have noted after reading your blog is that you have an unhealthy fascination with sex and polygamy. There is more to life than this.

    Being true to yourself in the 1st place may have lead you to a different path and Allah knows best.

    Take my advice, my dear bro in Islam. Your ex is an ex for a reason and the as much as you may still love and care for her, you are both in this position becoz you are interested in polygamy. This advice also goes to my sister in Islam, Sakinah.

    Going back together, to me will be a huge mistake. You need to go into a new relationship with a woman who knows from the get go that you intend to marry two or more wives. Someone who is clearly all for it, and make it clear in your contract if you have to. Make it very clear in the beginning to avoid hurt feelings in the future.

    Another issue is that, Allah blessed you to be in a nice muslim country like Bahrain, why did you feed your obssesions instead of taking advantage and learning your deen, learning arabic or becoming a hafidh etc? Shaytan is busy with you bro.

    Get yourself together, find a good halal wife interested in polygamy and channel your energy towards beneficial things of the akhira.

    Last but not least,get rid of this blog or start another that only speaks of mundane things and dont put your whole life for the world to see.

    Dont regress with your relationship with Sakinah. I can tell you from experience once the trust is lost, nothing comes together the same way as before. Wish each other well, move on and support your kids.

    May Allah bring peace and tranquility to both you and Sakinah. ameen! May Allah guide you brother to a righteous path. ameen! This is my 2 cents!

  2. I think the advice you got above is probably the best advice you have received in a long time.