Monday, October 13, 2008

I have to let this go

I keep reaping pain upon pain upon myself dragging this thing along. I need to just cut it off and let it ride. I need to take the time to heal. I need to just realize that it is what it is and let it go. She's not going to change, she's not going to stop lying to me so I just need to let it go. You can't change what is inside. You just can't. I wish I had my kids, but ultimately it is their problem.

I'll start over after I get myself together. Maybe I will retire and move to mamoomba and live like a king on $500 a month and finally get to raise a family. I have to let this go. I just have to let this go. It isn't getting any better. I think I'll do some public speaking for a few years finish my degree and get out of dodge.

Down with love, if I get married again it will be purely for function. I'm Done, I quit. UNCLE!!!

The last word!!

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