Monday, October 20, 2008

After you've watched the other one...

Watch this one. They want to kill us all.

It is reasons like this that make me think to hell with it all and take Sakinah back. To protect my family and raise my children to be free of the system. It would definitely be looking at the bigger picture. Not everyone sees things like I do. People have been so dumbed down for so long, but looking at the situation globally everything fits neatly into place. The Aids and ebola epidemics. The massive race based wars. Global terrorism, famine, rape, poverty, destruction of families are all on a consentual path of global population reduction. The increased police forces, the surge of the military, the growth in the prison sector are all key bits to a world of complete and utter world domination. The patriot act, the attack on religion disguised as an attack on Islam drawn out in complete bait and switch manner. These things make me wonder how they will manuever this new world order into place.

A lot of support is written up for Barack Obama and he emphatically looks like the new president. He is courted by policy makers such as Henry Kissinger and Zbigniew Brezinski. People who have no favor for the third world, humanity or Islam and we expect a change. Population reduction is the agenda of the global elite so it would be no surprise to me what would happen in the next coming years. I will post something when I get home about the importance of the Obama years or days depending on what the ultimate agenda is.

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