Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Shout outs and pouring Rasberry Juice out for my missing homies.

Well I would like to say thanks to all for coming by my blog. It is true the more you blog the more visitors you have. I suppose also it would help being linked to by other people around the web. If you are out there and you link to me I suppose the proper thing to do is to return the favor, because God knows that technocrati sucks at racking up all of the people that link to me.

First a shout out to my regulars many of which are on the left hand side and if not I shout out to you anyway. Or as Dave Chappele would say Let me Holla, ...Holla, Holla, Holla, Holla, Holla.

I wanna send shout outs to Milwaukee, Wisconsin I know they are visitin. Sup
Kalamazoo Michican,
Metairie LA
Canada Montreal or Montral however it is said.
Chino Cali
Indonesia and Malaysia
Reston, VA

Peeps I'm missin
The university student in Canada
The Girl from Hayward California
Minnesota both locations.

You all will be missed. So everybody stay tuned I hope to tune you all in to the soulful sounds of relationships working, maybe say a joke or two and put a smile on your face.

Live life and love it. If the day is over the worst is in the past and tomorrow is a brighter future.

Some of my East Coast regulars.

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  1. as salaamu 'alaykum wa rahmatuallah

    yes! pennsylvania in theee house LOL! I enjoy reading your blog and I read your comment over on safa blog..

    The one about look really close the shaytan is in the corner...that was on point and a great reminder that we shouldn't never forget..Jazak Allaahu Khayran

    oh!yeah view my site if you will..

    May Allaah Continue to Bless you and your family aameen