Monday, August 20, 2007

It's the new Welfare System...Huh?

So in Dubai there is this geezer who wants to have 100 children before he passes or whatever. So he cycles through marrying wives impregnating them divorcing them and marrying over again. Now I would suppose if you bring it down to the basic elements he is paying for children. I would think that he would go to different places or have these women brought to him that are semi-impoverished and he pays a dowry I would hope and has as many kids as he can and then divorces them. How empty is that crap. To top this all off he's on Welfare...WTF over!!!! He's not even an oil Magnate. I'm floored. This is almost as bad as the Ghetto Sheiks of America who run around and "marry" up to four women as long as they are receiving government assistance and they dupe these poor girls of primarily low intelligence that this IS the Sunnah and then guilt them if they choose to not go along with it as being less than honorable Muslimahs.

I can see how anyone looking at P from the outside would be severely taken back from it and Islam altogether with gross breaches such as these.

Oh yeah the title is the link.

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