Sunday, August 05, 2007

Photo tour

As you all know I have said that I was going to give you a photo tour of my place and times while I was here. Well this is the tour of my house. Here is the front gate. I think I had already had a picture of that.



This is a picture of my little courtyard that is in front of my house. The grounds keepers keep it pretty neat.




This is my front room.






That bag that is in the corner was from a previous roommate that left like all of this crap. We are still getting rid of his junk.



More of my front room and a pic of that door again.



The same room from a different angle.



I have no idea what we could use this for, but one of the guys likes to put his keys on it.




This is the kitchen, and I would have you know that none of that is my stuff.



Oh yeah on the counter all that food in those boxes is mine. They had a giant Carb sale at the store and I picked up all of that food for about $30 bucks. It is two cases of nibblets corn like 15 cans to a case. A case of Zatarains Jambalyaya like twelve boxes. A case of 6 Mesquite meat rub things. A case of 16 of those Quaker rice cake type snacks. They never fill you up but if you eat enough you can fool your stomach into thinking you are full, if you chase it with enough water. Then there was the motherload of Mac & Cheese for like 15 bucks I got like a lifetime supply there is like 50 boxes of Mac & cheese in that box. I will be eating Mac & cheese until I get ready to go home. The Jim Beam on the corner isn't mine and neither is the girl on the Fridge.


So I was thinking that I could probably eat off of like $5 bucks a week by just adding meat and veggies to all of those carbs. Will I ever lose the weight? Carrying on to the next phase, the pool.


Here is a better picture of all of that food.



The maintenance guys just got finishing painting this door the other day.


I think they did a good job it looks nice.


This is on the side of the house going towards the pool.



The other way is the garage.


And at last the Pool it looks so good, but the funny thing is that water isn't cool like it looks. If you got in it would be like getting into a hot tub or a really warm bath.



Do you see the hose? The Maintenance guys have to turn on the hose and run water otherwise my water would all evaporate out of my pool. Crazy huh? It gets mad hot here. Like way hot.


My bedroom is upstairs. I knew you all wanted to know that. LOL.



At the top of the stairs is the bathroom and it is pretty nice, but I have to share even though I'm the most senior person in my villa. It is a first come first serve for the Master bedroom suite. I have to wait until January before my roommate moves out that is in there and I still won't get it if the other roommate wants it because he has been here longer than me too. Rats!! But he's on a boat and is only in for like 12 days at a time and sometimes less so he may not mind if I take it. I'm banking on it actually. We'll see, but I might stay where I am because I'm right over the wireless router and my roommate that is in the master gets reduced signal in his room. So we'll see.



The bathroom is pretty nice. My room is the door on the right. What I think is weird is that the light switches are on the outside of the bathroom and there are no electrical plugs in the bathroom itself. Huh? So you could be like bathing or whatever and someone can just turn the lights off on you. I know siblings would love that feature. Click sorry time to get out.


That's my door. I like the little rugs that they put in front of all of the doors.


Now this is the part you've all been waiting for, an opportunity to get into my… well you get to see how I live.


It is a nice sized bed. I think that it is a queen but I could be wrong it seems huge without wifee here to share it with.


I totally love the stand-up closet. Totally cool. Like oh my gosh (I just had to say that).


The dresser and the TV that never gets turned on. Ever.


And last but not least the B.E.D. (Beautiful ecstasy Device) But alas no wife to share it with Grrrrrrrrr. Foot!!



Oh yeah the bathroom.




You gotta love that tub. I really like that little shower spout thing. Even though the glass thing on the right is the shower enclosure, I like the shower spout thing because if you had to make ghusl then you could without using your bath water because who knows what you freaks have been washing off/out of you, but you don't have to get out of the tub to make a nice clean ghusl.


Ah the bidet. You know I had to look up how to "correctly" use one of those things. I got my first dose of it at the grand mosque, where they didn't have toilet paper at all. For Americans it is kind of gross at first and like I said you fully begin to appreciate using the left hand just for the dirty stuff, but the upside is that it is a complete cure for streak marks in your pants. Which those of you who suffer from that should thoroughly appreciate.


Rooftop view. Isn't it lovely? I was told that a few months ago where I live was beachfront property and then they built those flats over there. Those are the ones that I was trying to get into so that I could have a shot at a master bedroom, and they would have been right on the water.


More roof top views.


And lastly the pool all warm and relaxing.


So there you go the photo tour of my place. Hope you had fun and your browser didn't lock up. If you guys complain I will post 10 more right quick so that you don't have to load these images every time you come to my blog.




  1. Nice place -- typical Gulf. You gotta love the bathrooms here. I don't think I could live without a bidet now! LOL!

    Salaam Alaikum,

  2. Wonderful place!! Exactly like how it looks in Egypt....same toilets, shower sprayer things, little carpets, stand up closets.......

    I bet the TV in your room isn't the only thing that doesn't get turned on....HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

    (I bet wifey misses you too!)

  3. No I still get turned on. Not now as much as when I first got here. I had to wrap my head around the fact that the Masjid is within walking distance from my house and not a fifteen minute car ride. Made a couple of prayers in the Masjid and a couple out in town. Today I prayed at the shipyard and I suppose most of the guys there were from Pakistan and they didn't speak much English or Arabic so I couldn't really talk to them. I just assumed that they were Arab & I thought it was kind of funny. Sometimes people look at me sideways when I walk into a Mosque, but I don't mind. Looky here a whole post just on a comment to Safama LOL.

    Hopefully I'll post something later that I've been wanting to post for a while. If I don't pass out and go to sleep. Today was a long day.