Monday, August 13, 2007

Masjid Trip

I told you guys that I was going to share some photos with you guys of some of the Masjids that I went to. The first one was this beautiful Masjid in the center of the Island near Safra, but unfortunately it was next to a Palace and the guards almost saw fit to have me arrested because they thought I was taking pictures of the palace. I was there for like half an hour trying to explain myself. So after I got all my papers back and everything I bolted and went down south a little bit to this town called Safra and I took pictures of this Mosque after Maghrib.

While I was filming there there where a couple of kids that were off in the distance playing soccer and decided to come over and check out this stranger in their realm. There were like 6 all together and the neighborhood policeman. So they took this little picture for me.

I really wanted to focus on the color and the Minarets so I took this picture.

When I went to the Grand Mosque after Isha it was too late to photograph inside so I took these outside shots.

This is from the grand courtyard leading up to the Mosque. This next one is actually of the front. Another day I will take pictures of the great doors that the put on the Mosque they are beautiful.

This is the Minaret from the side view.

Here are some more shots of the Minarets.

This is the back of the Mosque but you can get a good shot of the Minarets.

That's all of the pictures for now. Insha Allah later this week I would like to go and get pictures of this blue mosque that is tiled and you probably have seen it in magazines. In the future I would like to get a collection of the gates here. They are incredibly ornate and beautiful. It would be a nice touch. I just don't know if it would be cool of me photographing peoples addresses I think that would be rather touchy, but we will see what I can get away with.


  1. Beautiful pics! Thanks for the visuals... and the P post was good. Gave me lots of food for thought.

  2. Hmmm... Food for thought... Like How?

  3. Well... I always assumed I would "fit in" best with a P marriage. Mostly cause I am sooo darn independent (and really like my space), infertility, and other reasons. It's a long story, maybe someday I'll blog about it. Anyhoo... your posts provide a man's p.o.v. and points out that there are brothers who try to do it right. (thanks for that, btw)