Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Return of Jesus

I was watching Breach last night and I began to think. With the current state of affairs exactly how would Allah have Jesus (on him be peace) protect himself when he came back? Islam is relatively weak right now and the conflicts that are going on all over the world make it difficult to have the entire world rally around one cause and by then probably more of the world will have gotten the American disease of this has two weeks to wow me.

So I was thinking as I watched this show or actually after it what kind of stuff would Isa (on him be peace) have to protect himself with. Well obviously there is the prayer no doubt. However I thought that the ultimate leave me alone or I will really give it to you is to have him just start spewing national secrets of nations and tell them to leave him alone or else. Like it would be completely uncanny of him to recall down to the last pen-stroking detail the plans and the policy behind Abu Ghraib like who knew what and when. What people ate for dinner what they told each other in secret meetings stuff that only them and God would know. Could you imagine the head hunting that would throw the entire clandestine world into a tailspin. If he came out with detail verifiable facts about who killed Kennedy down to the very file number. And finally just completely blow all of their plans out of the water by telling step by step information of the steps that they were taking to kill him down to peoples names and where they are and who they were talking to. I would suppose a few verifiable examples from him would have people stand the hell down and let him do his thing.

Like Mr President I need you out of Iraq because if you don't then I'll tell the world how you swindled the American public out of two elections with your help from Haliburton and their connected allies. Your contact of William Smith can verify this information with the stuff that's in his laptop filed under Excitement for Dummies. And no Seal Team 5 that has just been recalled is not going to be successful in their mission in Afghanistan They are currently at this GPS location doing some stuff that they shouldn't be doing and they are going to need to stop that or I'll tell the world about that time that you had too much to drink and you let your boys convince you that it would be a good thing to be mounted by an Mexican Donkey. Is there anything else you would like me to tell the world or are you going to stand down?

That would be so cool.

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